Friday, April 20, 2018

Mui Ne tourism must try these dishes

Mui Ne is a tourist attraction not only famous for its beautiful natural scenery but also enjoy delicious food, top specialty Mui Ne.

  1. Tieu dishes - excellent specialty of Mui Ne sand hill Thunder is a reptile living in the sand. Sand flies are similar to lizards, but larger and larger than the main shoots and drink night mist so the meat is very long and sweet. Mui Ne people can make different kinds of dishes: grilled, steamed, fried, porridge cooked, fried, roasted ... dishes are delicious and attractive but according to the experience of visitors who have been to Mui Ne Grilled steak is the best dish. 2. Hot pot strange mouth, strange eyes
Beside the fish hot pot, the hot pot is one of the dishes in Mui Ne can not eat. The main ingredient of the hotpot is fresh chillies, chilli and garlic and old ginger juice, in addition to the meat just boiled only eggs, fried eggs, yam, yam sour. The special thing of the dish is that all the ingredients are added to the banana peel. When you eat the diner will choose the ingredients you like to put in the bowl and chan hot pot boiling water on top and enjoy with a special magnet rather than dipping hot pot as the hot pot dishes. 3. Cauldron Cake At first glance, the cauliflower is the same as the filter cake, but it is made of wheat flour with shrimps and ground pepper. From the first you will be fascinated by the thin crust cake and soft plastic, Very special mulberry cake is very delicious, just mouth 4. Fried fish with fried rice rolls The dish is fried but fried dishes do not use a fried flour dish, the attraction of the dish is the fish is scaled whole fried in hot oil pan, when the nine scales and tail will burst up So meet standards of fried fish fried. You should enjoy this dish fried fried fish with rice paper, shrimp, vermicelli, raw vegetables, chopped clay and sauce. 5. Mai fish salad Mai salad is one of the delicious dishes characteristic of Mui Ne. To make a dish of Mai fish delicious, attractive and not fishy nose Né must choose the shark, big. When processing, it will scab, remove the head, tail and remove the bones, then put in ice to taste better, when to eat will bring back the lemon juice. Can eat salad with golden rice, aromatic herbs, banana, aromatic herbs to enhance the taste. The food in Mui Ne is simple but delicious and snuggle visitors with their own taste. If you are planning to travel Mui Ne self-sufficiency or travel, do not miss this delicious food.

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