Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mysteries of gold land in Hung Yen ancient temple

Xuan Bao Pagoda (My Hao - Hung Yen), which is famous for the golden statue. This temple also has a sacred well that was attacked General Cao Bien to help us block the longline of our country.

Mystery a legend Master Thich Tue Hanh - Head of Sung Bao Pagoda said a famous legend of the city associated with the mysterious gold statue as follows. In the past, buffalo goats in Xuan Duc used to use buffalo pasture land to mold into statues. They use dried banana leaves or straw to make small huts to play the goods. On a rainy night, the thunder echoed through the sky, and a large area of ​​land was frightening. The next day, when the sky clear, people led buffaloes to the beach, suddenly discovered the statue of the land of the shepherds turned into gold. Seeing the strange, people have invited the high rise at that time named the Buddha statue Ba Dong Quan and brought to Sung Bao Pagoda to worship. From then on, the half-truths about the statue spread far and wide. There is a story of King Dinh Tien Hoang fight through the temple to burn incense to pray. The Buddha of Dong Quan was a blessing for the great king at that time, the forces of King Dinh Tien Hoang against the enemy as the eggs fight stone. Local people have traditionally worship Buddha Ba Dong Quan to support good crops. Thich Tue Hanh said that in the old days, when the ditches were irrigated in the fields, the drought was continuous, the people set up the rain prayers and the Dong Quan Buddha statue from Sung Bao Pagoda around the fields to pray for rain. . The seniors confirmed, always when the procession is finished pouring rain to flooded fields. However, the Buddha statue Buddha Dong Quan very hard in time. According to the people, the seven times the golden statue was stolen by crooks. Cao Bien helplessly patronize the well Seniors said that in Xuan Bản hamlet close to Sung Bao Pagoda there is a thousand year old well. The well is still quite intact and a source of water for the whole village. The strange thing is that this well is always cool and never water. The enemy rebellion in the North of Cao Bien - famous for the charms of the patrons, in the visit to the circuit diy region of Dai La discovered a new circuit with a very powerful beam. That is the ancient well of Xuan Ban village. After many days of calculating to destroy the wells of the wells, but failed, every time Cao Bien throwing talisman down the well, the water is bubbled by the brushworm. Thus, the local people often call this well the well is the well. Talking with us, representatives of Xuan Huong commune authorities, Mr. Phan Binh Tan - Secretary of Commune Party Committee said: "Water in the well is never empty. The water bubbling is a phenomenon. When the phenomenon is not explained, people often divine. Later, when we invited the survey expert, it was discovered that the methane below created the effervescent phenomenon. " The title of the patriot Nguyen Thien Thuat, the leader of the famous Bai Say insurrection, was also involved in the construction of the ancient temple of Nguyen Thien Thuat in Xuan Duc commune. The tree is a "guard" to Nguyen Thien Thuat's insignia to monitor the static as well as each step of the enemy step. According to local people, the ancient tree is now recognized as a heritage tree. The Buddha is associated with Sung Bao Pagoda, with the hero Nguyen Thien Thuat should not only historical significance to preserve and protect, it also has spiritual meaning that the whole village is believed to have the spirit of reign. During the resistance war against France and against the United States, how many times the village was gunned down, but the tree was still standing there, no one leaf dropped by bombs. This led the villagers to believe that the tree was a place of convergence of the gods and the protection of the patriotic Nguyen Thien Thuat. At present, at the memorial site of General Nguyen Thien Thuat, the relics related to the general are also fully displayed so visitors can understand the career and life of the hero. According to the monument manager, in 2005 the Hung Yen provincial government and central agencies went to the Guangxi province of China to bring Nguyen Thien Thuat's remains to memory. According to the local people, the body of General Nguyen Thien Thuat when taken to Hung Yen is still intact. Perhaps, the Chinese have mummified their bodies with some precious medicine. "Along with the banyan tree, the tree to To Hieu, the tree was Nguyen Thien Thuat is also ranked as one of the three ancient trees ranked National Monument should be preserved. The local authorities are always interested in this valuable relic together with the population of Sung Bao Pagoda, said Phan Binh Tan, Party Secretary of Xuan Duc commune.

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