Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mysterious giant snake creeping into the temple listen to chanting, knock the bite

These are the stories left to date in some of the sacred ancient temple. The strange story appears in Tra Am Pagoda (Tu Tay Village, An Tay Ward, Huong Thuy Town, Thua Thien Hue Province), on the day of Spring (1, 15, 30) nearly ten meters from Ngu Phong Mountain to hear Buddhist temple lectures.

For 3 years, snakes have been hidden behind the ancient tree of the pagoda. Many people came to see the pagoda, but the snakes did not hurt anyone, nor did they touch the pagoda's food. According to the description of the abbot and the older monks in the pagoda, the snakes had a black silhouette, with a crest on their heads. One sickle is longer than 3m, the other is bigger but it is less than half the length of the other, so the local people still call short for easy to remember as 'long, long legs'. The shape of this pair of snakes is very monstrous, but the 'temperament' of the two serpents is very gentle, not attacking anyone. Once upon a time, a young monk who was afraid of snakes attacked with a light stick, chasing snakes out the door. It seemed to understand the 'intentions' of the troupe, the pairs of snakes curled up into a heap, bowed to the ground to hear the sutra, no intention of attacking or 'defending'. At the end of the reading, the two snakes gently crawled out. Pairs of 'solid monk' always wrapped tangerine together as the picture with the ball, where to go together. Pair of 'snake practitioners' do not eat meat like all kinds of people but only eat bouquet of flowers, dispose of, the cucumber shell, melon, melon placed at the foot of the grave. A more strange thing is that at the time of the pagoda, the two of them crawled to the main hall, lifting their heads in unobtrusive manner. 'This is repeated many times in the days of beauty (beautiful day according to the Buddhist concept - P.V). People see strange stories should inform the abbot. He came to see and told everyone in the self not to harm the spouses, "- said retired Thich Thanh. The story of the 'solid monk' has existed for more than 70 years, but many people in Tu Tay village today are still mouthing each other about this strange, unique miracle. Whether the story of the pair of 'snake practitioners' is true or not, the 'evidence' such as banyan tree, large cave is said to be the home of the snake couple and those who witnessed the snakes still that's it It is like a legendary story interwoven with real-life elements ingrained in people. The phenomenon of "solid monk" also appears in some other ancient temples that people have told each other. According to the accounts of people in the family and the elderly in An Hoa Dong, Phuoc Dinh pagoda (An Ninh Dong commune, Duc Hoa district, Long An province) giant about the practice. This is the temple founded by the founder Thich Thien Tu, Le Van Thanh established to stay at home. At present, although the temple closed, but when mentioning the name Phuoc Dinh, everyone is clear, because that place, the former is considered sacred place extremely. Especially, there are two snakes on the right in the hall of worship, above is the Buddha masters love ca. Ba Dieu Hanh is the fourth daughter of the patriarch Thich Thien Tu Tu Thai is the fourth grandson of Thich Thien Tu, Thai's father is his son's son and his brother Tu (currently caring for the temple). Thai is very young, but because his father is a disciple of the practice, he knows very well about the snake in the temple. "My dad, a Buddhist monk, heard my father tell about the snakes," he said, "and I saw the sign of it crawling through the cliffs near the bamboo to go to the temple. like a horse wheel, it is big and long, it is part of a long-tailed snake but it has red crest like a chicken crest, it is not a poisonous snake, it has never harmed humans. " Seven years old, Tam Tram lived with his father. "The pair of snakes were ancient in the pagoda, but later they were in the roots of Cu Chi." A few years ago, she walked across the tree, suddenly panic when she saw the roll of the snake is still raw on the ground. Another time, she crossed the Cu Chi tree in the evening, she heard the whisper as the wind blows and then the sound of the neck with the cock from the bamboo near the roots of Cu Chi. From there, the news spread solid under the tree near Phuoc Dinh pagoda can be the ancient pair of ancient pagodas that are well known to each other listening to each other. "The two snakes are of a giant type, it is a snake itself, so it does not harm anyone," said Bay Tram, "in our thoughts we never felt fear with a snake. I believe in the practice of the new snake fear and many people are watching and waiting for snakes to meet the needs of individuals. It is this that makes Ms. Bay Tram feel something. For years, no one has seen the snake, she used to burn incense, hoping to see some traces of it, but the tree is now cold. It can be seen snakes dive into somewhere, but not eliminate the case of human destruction.

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