Monday, April 23, 2018

Named the "strange" countryside in the West

The West is a "self-born" market with many special names. Often people do not use the word flower to name the countryside, but mainly based on the characteristics or activities of exchanging, buying and selling that name.

Named the Western market with the most interesting names, is the destination to attract foreign visitors to the West.
Bu Loong Market, only one item Bu Loong West Market is located on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, My Long Ward, Long Xuyen City (An Giang), a destination for car mechanics. Also known as the market, but Bu Loong does not trade in other commodities such as ordinary markets, but only a single metal products, such as bolts, children, chains, lilies, discs ... Tran Thi Sam, 59, a senior trader here, said: "There are times when foreign tourists come here but they can not buy anything. he only ". According to some people here, Bu Loong market is also called "flea market", because this market sells most of the metal, mainly to repair vehicles. Yet, Bu Loong has existed in My Long ward for nearly 40 years; Since this place is a village market, away from people. When My Long was upgraded to a ward, this little market was more bustling, but somewhere still lingers to the tranquil, rural nature of the countryside.
Go to Ho Chi Minh City to admire the "Western" trading posture Previously, this western market was called "Chieu Market", because the shopping activities here only take place in the afternoon. After some time, Chieu market has changed its name to "Chom Hoi" market to match the sitting position of people living in this "strange market". Cho Ham market is located on Highway 53, Trung Hieu commune, Vung Liem district (Vinh Long). As a village market, this place attracts the most visitors in the rural market in this district. Doan Hoang Quan (35 years old), a house near the market, said: "I do not know ever since, Chiều hometowns have changed to Chom Hoi, perhaps because of the special sitting priests of the people in the market So we have this strange name. Strangely, since the call of a squat, the activity in the market is bustling and vibrant.   It is known that Chom Hoon market only sell fresh products rolling, reasonable prices should attract a large number of customers to buy. According to Mr. Quan, the seller sitting "squat" to sell the buyer must also "squat" to buy, but stand inconvenient. Only 3 dong can be used to go to Ba Dong Market It can be said, Ba Dong is a western market most bold water. Who once came to this village market, have to exclaim because of the price of very cheap goods. Ba Dong market is located in Mang river, in Chanh An commune, Mang Thit district (Vinh Long province). Cu My Dung (38 years old), living near the market, said: "In the past, this place was only a place to exchange less of the countryside but then Ho Van Dong himself set out to establish the throne. This market and since then the market has grown up. Also, people used Dong's name to name the market, he said Tuesday, so called Ba Dong market. According to some people in the market, once a foreign visitor to the market, see the fruit is very ripe berry, intended to buy as gifts; What kind of client would want to buy, but then go out of the market without buying anything. Asked to know that he does not have "3 dong" should not dare to buy nor ask anything, because this guest can not speak Vietnamese. Ms. Dung added: "Called Ba Dong, but also used to buy money, but this time there are three silver." Walking around the countryside, the thing left behind in us is the fun about the Western market "strange", unique, unexpected. But whatever the name, the markets also have the appearance of water and people of the West, gentle, truthful.

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