Thursday, April 19, 2018

Nha Trang travel to admire the legendary beauty of Ponagar Tower

Ponagar Tower is a Cham temple now a historical and cultural monument and an attractive destination to attract many tourists to visit.

Features of Ponagar Tower Ponagar Tower is a tower complex built by Cham people, Cham culture with unique architecture. The tower was built during the Hindu period was flourishing in the ancient Cham Kingdom. Currently, Ponagar Tower is an extremely popular tourist attraction in Nha Trang. History of the tower Ponagar The wooden tower formerly dedicated to Princess Jagadharma (Princess Tchou Koti or Holy Mother of Heaven) (ruled from Lam Dong from 646 to 653) was rebuilt by Prithi Indravarman with hard materials at Ngu Tra high hill next to the mouth of the Cai River to worship the goddess Bhagavati In 774, the PoNagar Temple was destroyed by South Vietnamese troops and reconstituted by Satyavarman brick in 784, which was completed and survived to this day. The remaining inscriptions in Ponagar show many traces of a mighty nation that has existed in the past. Location of Ponagar Falls Ponagar Tower is a temple located on the top of a small hill about 50m above sea level. At the Cai River estuary, about 2km north of Nha Trang city center The unique architecture of Ponagar Tower The architecture of Ponagar consists of three floors, from the bottom up. On the lower floor is the gate tower but this day is no longer The middle floor is called Mandapa for pilgrims resting, preparing the offerings. Mandapa is 20m long, 15m wide with 4 rows of octagonal columns. The top floor is where the towers are located. The towers are built in the style of Cham, bricks are built, not see the adhesive. Main tower in the front row is quite large and about 23m high is Ponagar Tower The Ponagar Tower has four floors, each with doors, statues and stone figures. Inside is a goddess statue carved with black marble, sitting on a majestic stone statue lotus, back like a large stone plate like bodhi. The statue is a masterpiece of Champa culture, a harmonious combination of circular and sculpture. At the top of the tower are statues of Shiva and masks like swans, elephants ... Ponagar Tower Festival Ponagar Tower Festival is held annually from 21 to 23 lunar year. Apart from the ceremony, there are many activities with bold traditional culture such as ball dancing, singing, performing arts, ceramics and brocade weaving.

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