Thursday, April 12, 2018

Nice to fall in autumn Hanoi

Hanoi has just come to collect. How much beauty of the Capital has long cherished to this moment gradually revealed how many emotions, anxiety and strange. Fall Hanoi peacefully, the soul traveler seems to be lost in the flow of emotions flowing. Walking along the streets of Hanoi to feel the autumn has returned to this land.

  Milk flowers in each street One afternoon sitting still on some sidewalks of Hanoi in autumn, we feel the fragrant fragrance of milk flowers somewhere. Do not know the flowers are planted this ever since the day still stretches out to pick up the sun and are absorbed in watching the sun go down. Autumn Hanoi is signaled by beautiful flowers, fragrant flowers, fragrant passionate people. On the road to growing long rows of silk flowers, anyone wants to stretch the chest to breathe a strong force to feel the autumn is clear. The small milk flowers bunched up in the wind blew up the air in space and then gently touch the ground. This flower falls to the other flower spots still stretched out to pick up the gentle sunshine of the sky. Season of green chips all over the road Fall is the season of the colors, the charm of the heart. In addition to the white love of silk flowers, the green color of the corn sold on the mats also became very eye-catching. Green grains are processed by exquisite artisans such as chopped rice nuggets, rice nuggets, rice noodles, or banana dots. Hold on the hand rustic rustic gift, we feel like the receipt of each grain of green squash. This season in the same alley in Hanoi where no lack of color, lack of flavor of the com. But the most popular with the residents of the capital still have to mention the village of Round Vine, Hang Than com ... with many lifelong trades and every season are back to bring simple joy to the Trang An. The baskets filled with flowers The burden of flowers travels throughout the streets carrying a sky remember the land every fall, ... The cuckoo little fine flowers and then add flowers, heathery, butterfly flowers, flowers ... there is no place missing. Be on the road this season, visit the carriage rickshaw to buy flowers as gifts for yourself and loved ones are indispensable work. In addition to the display, the beauty of the flowers also inspired many women to save beautiful pictures in the autumn, gentle.

Autumn Hanoi - the season of couples happy Autumn is also the wedding season, the happy season of the couples love. The sky is so soft, the sun is not as harsh as summer, space becomes poetic is a great time for the couple to make a photo wedding sparkle in his life. Walking on the beautiful streets of Hanoi to collect as Dinh Tien Hoang, Trang Thi, Phan Dinh Phung ... we can easily see the couples in the dress and pure white dress, kissing kisses. passionate Each season Hanoi has its own beauty, but Hanoi in the collection of ancient features, charming grace to create a separate attraction for wedding photos. These days, Hanoi is like a girl with charm. Any new visitors to the capital for the first time also have to stare at the beautiful scenery, feel the fresh air to the soul to worry. He hesitated for a flight to the land of thousands of years to embrace the fall as a return to the familiar place in his he.

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