Saturday, April 14, 2018

Night market in Saigon

Night Market Saigon attracts consumers by fashionable and plentiful items pocketed money, which is popular with tourists in Saigon. Referring to the nightlife in Saigon, Ky Hoa Night Market is considered to be the shopping center of the city, and a tourist spot for travelers to Saigon. . Its attraction has led to many other famous night markets in Saigon. Newly established Saigon night market always attracts young people by the air, abundant goods to serve the shopping needs of indigenous people and tourists in Saigon.
  The night bazaar of Saigon consists of many small markets, which are very active and quite active, and the markets start from 19h to 22h30. According to the Saigon travel experience, the night markets that Saigon tourists love such as Ba Chieu Market, Thu Duc Market, Hanh Thong Tay Market ...   The three main advantages that make Saigon night market interesting and attractive to consumers are: diversified products, reasonable price, suitable for Sai Gon tourism. After hours, the youngsters can easily spend more time shopping, moreover shopping at night for a comfortable shopping experience. It is also a favorite place for tourists of Saigon.

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