Friday, April 13, 2018

Night porridge for Hanoi tourists.

Nutritious full-bodied porridge will be a snack for you after a day exploring the capital. In the countless dishes such as grilled chicken wings, grilled chicken wings, grilled corn, baked sweet potatoes, steamed squid, nem chua, chicken noodle ... porridge is the nightlife features many features of Hanoi. After a day of sightseeing somewhere in the street, enjoying a bowl of porridge night will be one of the interesting experience in Hanoi.

1. Porridge heart O Quan Chuong   Sticky rice porridge here, especially in the late afternoon to late. The shop has been around for years, looking clean. The heart is cut into the bowl, add some herbs and pour the porridge up, so that the heart remains warm. The plus point here is the heart is not chewy, eat crumbly, crumbling crumbs and dipping sauce is made rich. A bowl of porridge looks comparable, is cooked from broken rice and has a sweet sweetness of bone marrow 2. Cheese porridge Cheese porridge is cooked with a grain of broken rice, smooth but not too smooth puree like rice flour. Taiwanese style porridge, each of which is stored in a longue to keep the heat. When the soup is served, you still feel the heat radiates out and the porridge is still boiling, bursting with bubbles. The porridge is thick with the aroma of rice, the sweetness of the ribs and fragrant smell of green onion. When put into the mouth, the ribs as melting, soft silky. 3. Liver heart pancreas The porridge here is very diverse, including porridge meat, chicken porridge, liver porridge heart ... Highlights here is the porridge is cooked from rice grinding grain, smooth and small, when cooked porridge is comparable, plastic and aromatic. A bowl of hot porridge, sprinkled a little pepper, eat together crumbled crushed tan, help you recharge after a day exploring Hanoi, price 30,000. You can call separately for a price of 3,000 dong a dish. The restaurant is open from early morning to 22h. It can be said, enjoying the night food in general and porridge in particular is one of the pleasures not only the people of Hanoi but of anyone who comes to this thousand year old land. This is a beauty in the culinary culture should be preserved to promote the image of the country and people of Vietnam to the world friends, enrich the cultural identity of the beautiful country of Vietnam.

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