Wednesday, April 25, 2018

No stretch but still crave for 'Western'

About My Tho to eat noodles, call Can Tho to eat a meal, to stop in Bac Lieu bowl of salt and salt and buy some pia as gifts in Soc Trang. Besides the specialties are rivers and canals, and the west is famous for the food that makes visitors "go easy on." Do a Western food tour.

Grilled fish in truong Vinh Long In addition to the four-season fruit, the grilled fish snacks in the countryside is a dish that tourists should not miss when returning to Vinh Long. Grilled fish is baked "jungle" type but eaten once is addictive because of smart hands and grilled, the new fish delicious, sweet new meat. Use a fresh bamboo sticks to sharpen the head and pierced from mouth to tail. Then put the stick to the ground and then cover the straw and burn. At first glance it looks simple but not everyone can grill good fish without being burned or alive. There is enough straw, the fish will live, when eaten with the smell of fish and straw is too much, the fish is eaten bitter. Grilled fish is best when cooked, white meat is covered with scabs scorched. Grilled snakehead fish is often used with rice paper, herbs, cashew, lemongrass, sprouts, banana, cucumber ... and dot with garlic sauce. My Tho noodle soup Rice noodle is quite popular in many places in the Mekong Delta, but My Tho noodles are true names, even though eating only once makes people remember forever. My Tho noodles are made from dried noodles with dried juices, minced meat and bone marrow. My Tho noodles are served with prices, chives, lettuce and some other vegetables. The sauce is accompanied by chili and garlic sauce mixed with vinegar, help to bowl more delicious, eye-catching. A delicious bowl of noodles, the noodles must be long and tough, not be soft or soft. My Tho noodles today are everywhere in the West, but Tien Giang must eat this new traditional. Sweet fish soup in Dong Thap Madagascar is a species of wild west characterized. Small, yellow flower, usually cooked or fried garlic. But the most delicious cotton is still when cooked with sour soup with water fish floating season. Spirit fish with finger, body has many bones, hard fish scales. From around November to the lunar calendar, the fish is not eaten at all, in addition to cooking sour soup, people stocked up many dishes such as fish sauce, fish sauce to eat gradually. Madonna is a unique combination, very Western and perhaps only in this country people can find such delicious. The sweet, the sour, aromatic, crispy and the smell of cotton mad sauce with salted fish sauce ... so that those who have eaten this nod to compliment delicious. Candied coconut Ben Tre Ben Tre coconut candy is famous for long because this place is known as coconut land with endless coconut fields. Ben Tre is not only drink coconut water drop station, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy coconut candy delicious fat. The main ingredients for making coconut candy are coconut milk, sticky rice, sugar and peanuts. Nowadays candies are more and more diversified by the people who have created many flavors such as coconut candy, coconut candy ... to serve the diverse needs of visitors. Can Tho sewer The strange name of this cake comes from its shape like a deep sewer. Canh is a folk dish of Can Tho people with raw materials from flour, minced meat, green peas and fresh shrimp. When cooked, batter mix with green bean, minced meat (has been cooked before) and put in the mold, to fresh shrimp, then put the frying pan in frying oil until cooked, then removed. Hot cakes to keep crispy and fragrant, often eaten with raw vegetables such as green cabbage, lettuce, lettuce ... and sauce sauce chili sauce. Go Den Wine, Long An Go Den is a famous specialty of Long An in particular and of the West in general. The name Black Go of this wine comes from the name of 3 3 My Yen, Long Hiep and Phuoc Loi communes of Ben Luc district, Long An province. This is the most visited wine cellar of more than 100 years ago. Gan Den wine is 100% cooked from pure sticky rice and yeast to ensure non-alcoholic and aromatic, delicious, sweet when drinking. The secret to delicious wine and quality in the selection of sticky rice, usually sticky rice, sticky fat or sticky rice is grown locally. Therefore, Go Den is a drink that tourists should not miss when traveling to Long An. Bac Lieu salt It is no coincidence that the three-sided music comes into the song with the English three sides of singer Dan Truong. Because the three-sided nature food is wild, shape is not beautiful but meat is as sweet as the characteristics of the West. Especially, salted ba salt is the dish can not be ignored when coming to the country of Bac Lieu. Three pieces of salt bought in the market to remove the shell, mixed with chili, sugar and lemon. Wait three minutes to 30 minutes to eat. Gourmets are usually mixed with three groats available to eat until the next season to absorb the seasoning, eating will be stronger. Three salt eaten with rice is all over, three.

salty taste mixed with the sweetness of sugar, sour taste of lemon, hot spicy chili will make you eat lunch to eat.

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