Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Northwest specialty: Thai fragrant sticky rice

The seeds are soft, sweet, sweet aroma, flavor is difficult to mix with any kind of sticky rice has ever enjoyed. Highway 279, upstream Da river. The car fell down on the road full of rocks, sitting in the car that head crashed into the roof of pain. Sometimes the wheel is congested in the muddy stain making everyone heart howling.

Often until 9 o'clock we return to the "gathering" point in Dien Bien Phu. Everyone is tired and hungry. The prepared dishes have cooled down and are now being heated. Only in the basket is still warm. Immediately cut a piece of sesame salt into the mouth. Whoever went to the Northwest and enjoyed the food of the Thai people here certainly can not forget the beautiful colors and flavors of purple fragrant sticky rice. Slowly chewing, the more chew the sweet. Each dish was brought up, but on the table also appeared only purple sticky is the most eye-catching and attractive. Purple stick, famous dishes on the North West Road. Glutinous rice is glutinous rice grown on terraced fields with identical messages. The type of glutinous rice is large, just as they are harvesting. To make a sticky rice, people with sticky leaves can be found (also called sticky or sticky rice) only in upland areas. The leaves are picked up in the forest and then washed in the pot of water to make purple. Let the leaves cool and then sticky rice to soak for several hours so that the purple color permeate the rice and then put into the sticky rice. Sticky or dark color depends on the thick or thin leaves and on the experience of each person. Dissolve just ripe, each grain of grain glutinous soft glistening bright purple color, glossy, new look has seen delicious. Thai people, Day usually eat steamed salted sesame salt. Convenience foods, can bring the upland to the field for lunch. When there are visitors to the house or party, there are more ramen sesame pork served with sticky rice. At the festival, sticky rice is considered as part of the sticky rice dish characteristic of the North West with bright red, crimson, yellow, brown, purple. But today, the most popular dishes are the three purple, white and yellow. Riding on the beautiful North West Road as a dream, wrapped with purple sticky rice and salty ram meat attached to the stop where it can also be presented as a party .... In particular, sticky rice vodka only see no fullness. Therefore, with the highland people, this is indispensable food in the daily meals or festivals.

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