Wednesday, April 18, 2018

November check in the beautiful grass mop in Da Nang

In November, the weather in Da Nang will be cold, the first rains began to rattles, this is the time when the grass mop in Da Nang began to bloom white color swinging in front of the wind. Together to conquer the beauty in the white and fragile fragrance of flowers wipe the wind is the experience is very exciting and ecstatic.
Beautiful grass field in Da Nang During the transition period, in November, beautiful grass fields in Da Nang bring in a beautiful beauty, flexible with the wind. The fields of flowers are wiping, slightly swaying in the wind, close to the edge of the road to contribute to the beauty of the city of Da City. Originally a field of white prairie, the beautiful snow fall is beautiful.
Mussel is a weed, vitality, blooms that last from October to November. Do not grow individually but grow in clusters that make up the vast field of flowers. The grass is taller than the human head. Looking like a white silk strip, old mop grass is dark yellow, then fall off gradually to the wind. Experience grass flower field in Da Nang Da Nang tourism has the opportunity to admire the beauty of grass flowers field is a memorable experience. The beauty of flowers and grasses do not know how many visitors, young people to visit, take pictures and save this beautiful moment. Sunny light, drop into the romantic scene, romance, headrest or hand in hand slamming beautiful clothes together photographed in the forest of grass mosaic. The white wreaths, become an endless source of inspiration for the photographer. Couples love the nature, choose the field of flowers as a backdrop for wedding photo album. Perhaps no beautiful moment in the image of the bride in the wedding dress euphoria nestled on the other half of his hand together hand over the warm kiss between the grass mop.
Da town far away from his homeland set up in the land of people, suddenly saw the first soft cotton mantle on the social network as far as the hearts of young children away from the land this beautiful city. . The grasslands will surely touch the heart, the emotions difficult to describe for those who have ever come to this place.
Not only bring poetic beauty, peace that the grass lands in Da Nang bring a human value. According to folk experience, the grass mulch signals a flood season in central Vietnam has ended. It 's easy to find check - in, virtual live "so deep" to download pictures and sparkle white grass on thousands of social networks in Da Nang. One of the sites chosen by many young people is: + Vacant land surrounding the City Cultural Center and Asian Park. + Green Lake, Son Mountain in Son Tra. + The bare land of Tran Hung Dao street near the foot of Thuan Phuoc bridge. + Chuong Duong road (section from Tran Thi Ly bridge to Tien Son bridge). + Vacant land near European Village, near Rong Bridge and Tran Thi Ly. Your soul becomes more relaxed than ever before when it is released in the middle of the white paddy field. The flowers mop grass to become a tourist attraction Da Nang attract tourists and indigenous people to visit, shooting the type. Flower season is fast and fast, so you take advantage of time check - in to save the collection of beautiful photos in the field of grass flowers.

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