Sunday, April 22, 2018

Once to Hon Thom and then heart again

Once to Hon Thom and then nostalgic forever in the heart do not want to leave. The paradise of the island is real. Natural beauty does not stop there but also many mysteries are hidden in the place is like the beauty of spring girl.

Beauty Thom island to do the heart of Xang Hon Thom belongs to Ngoc Phu Quoc Island, located in An Thoi archipelago. Like many other islands, the "specialty" here is surrounded by water, blue, cool, many marine creatures ... all create the natural beauty inherent in Hon Thom. Hon Thom owns a series of white beaches mixed with the golden sunshine beautiful scenery. Walking on the sand, watching the surroundings, listening to the waves pounding the shore continuously, feeling how small people before the vast ocean. The coconut swing in front of the wind, bring cool breath, mix into the same scene where this brings poetic, peaceful to strange. The experience is only in Hon Thom Fascinated by the natural beauty of Hon Thom tourism. Once drenched in the cool water, soak for hours under the golden sunshine plus the shine of the coconut shade, relax and calm look at life. Mother Nature's favor in favor of seafood, coral-rich. Take advantage, the dive service to see many visitors choose to explore the world of immense ocean. Or simply rent boats, sail for hours to squid, fish ... feeling the trophy is happy, expressing the highest joy. And of course, after receiving the trophy, shrimp, fish ...together to set fire to fire, BBQ, BBQ BBQ between the land is the unforgettable memories of this trip to Phu Quoc. Of course, an experience not to be missed is to visit the pearl farms. Get yourself a jewel from your son, and of course, choose a pearl jewelry as a gift for yourself or your loved ones. A cool evening, the same "man" hand in hand watching, strolling on the sandy beach, quietly feel the breath "the sun was sleeping", recognizing a Thom is very peaceful, simple and wild to anyhow. Summer is here, the weather is hot, the fatigue spread in the soul of each person. In front of the chaos of life, deadline work "dí" continuously, temporarily aside to make room for the tour Hon Thom. A little sea breeze, a little sea flavor, a bit of wild nature ... all contributed to creating a fragrant island cannot be mixed up.

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