Thursday, April 12, 2018

One thousand reasons must come to Hanoi in the sprin

If you are still wondering whether to go to Hanoi in the most beautiful season, the reasons below will convince you to come to Hanoi in the spring.

  1. The sky is warm Weather Hanoi has four distinct seasons in which spring and autumn are the best time to visit Hanoi. If the winter is cold, the autumn is cool, the summer is hot, the spring is very pleasant and warm weather. Many people like the poetic space of autumn Hanoi, there are certain people have to wait for new spring travel to Hanoi by the rain drizzled down to the moon.   2. The village flowers are pretty dull   Spring is the season of many beautiful flowers in Hanoi in which the most outstanding is the Nhat Tan peach. These days the blooming garden is bustling more by those who want to admire and take pictures of the original peach. But the ao dai, lantern, lì xì, ... decorated in the peach makes everyone feel the atmosphere is busy Tet.   3. Peach blossom down the street Come to Hanoi on warm spring days you will admire the streets of Hanoi filled with peach blossom as bringing spring to each door, the house.   4. Flowers, flowers romance   Spring is also the season of the flowers, flowers bloom along the streets of Hanoi. Along the streets of Phan Dinh Phung, Hoang Hoa Tham, Grapefruit ... in March levels of flowers bloom white sky to create a beautiful natural landscape.  

Spring also brought back the purple color of the flowers. The weather these days are so humid as a girl's personality, these days just sleeping under the blooming trees will see the soul peacefully.   5. Join jubilant festivals   Spring is also the season of many festivals in Hanoi. This is also the time to attract millions of visitors to Hanoi. A series of traditional festivals will be held to commemorate the heroes who have made meritorious services to the country such as the Giong temple festival, the Co Loa festival, the Dong Da mound festival, the Hai Ba Trung temple festival ...
Especially, the festival of Huong pagoda takes place in many days. It is an ideal destination for tourists not only by Huong pagoda but also the place where visitors can enjoy beautiful scenery, Non-water, rivers, streams, poetry, interesting caves.   Getting to Hanoi in the spring will certainly be an enjoyable and memorable experience in your travel itinerary. So spring coming do not miss the opportunity to Hanoi.

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