Saturday, April 14, 2018

Overview of Saigon tourism

Ho Chi Minh City is located in the middle of the rich South. It is the largest and most populous city in Vietnam. It is a major traffic hub connecting the provinces in the region and is the international gateway of the region. Traveling to Saigon can not be missed
When it comes to Saigon tourism - Ho Chi Minh City is said people think of immediately the largest, busiest and most dynamic city in the country. Bright streets, activities and entertainment last until late night, the cars are bustling all the way, shops with diverse menus. But post after the excitement is a life of liberal, harmonious, stylish Saigon guide.   Saigon is one of the largest tourist and tourist gateways in the country, with a wide range of facilities and services. The weather is pleasant, the sun is not too hot and the rain does not last long so shopping is a tourist season. Therefore, Saigon tourism is growing.   Saigon with hundreds of pagodas, hundreds of temples to worship the country's heroes, the evidence of the liberation of the city and the country is preserved, this is also the destination of tourism. to Saigon. Besides Saigon, there are many traditional festivals such as Nghinh Ong Festival, Ancestors Day, Doctor's Day, Teacher's Day, Tieu Dien Day, Women's Day ... Saigon City is the most prosperous city in the country, where many amusement and entertainment areas, but here you can also find the space quiet, quiet and fun weekend elegance. Tourists in Saigon will be able to breathe fresh air, and bountiful fresh fish. With a week of hard work and hard work, where can relax with cool space again and have interesting games attractive, then the Prime Minister, the people of Saigon considered this as an animal. joyful weekend. Saigon has a lot of entertainment, entertainment for a variety of ages. If you watch music, movies, coffee ... repeated every week, you can still renew your weekend with fishing fun in some places far from the city center. . This is a place to attract tourists to Saigon, make you feel interesting beside the modern glamor of Saigon.   Depending on where in the lake are released different types of fish such as perch, catfish, carp, ear ... with the experience of Saigon tourism when they are asked if the customer wants to buy, then the staff will carry on weight, or want to eat on the spot, the bar will follow the request of guests. Make the most comfortable and comfortable when traveling to the place.   In Saigon, you and your loved ones can visit some fishing-fishing places such as: Thu Nga Thu Doi 1558/12 Binh Quoi, Binh Thanh District; Binh Xuyen Ecological Food Restaurant at C3 / 18 Pham Hung, Binh Chanh; Duc Thanh, 12 Thanh Da street, Binh Thanh district; Hoa Voi Ao Doi, Dang Street The architecture of Saigon - Pearl of the Far East was preserved and embellished, become the interesting attractions of tourists to Saigon more tourists here also surprised with the boulevard with shadow. a hundred years, the road full of colors, peaceful villa. In the heart of the city you will have the opportunity to visit Cholon, the city's most bustling flower bustle. Saigon always attracts tourists to Saigon.

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