Monday, April 16, 2018

Overview of Sapa tourism

Sapa tourist resort in the north of Vietnam contains many interesting things, a piece of land Sapa humbly quiet, where the mountains and forests and clouds together, where people are friendly and live in a culture the tradition of his people.

1. The geographic location of Sapa tourist site:

The sapa tourism area has a natural area of ​​67,864 ha, accounting for 8.24% of the natural area of ​​the province, located in the geographical coordinates from 22007'04 '' to 22028'46 '' north latitude and 103043'28 ' to 104004'15 ''. In the north, it borders on Bat Xat district. In the south, it borders on Van Ban district. East borders Bao Thang district. The West borders with Than Uyen district and Tam Duong - Lai Chau province. Sapa tourist center is Sapa town, 37 km southwest of Lao Cai city, on the National Highway 4D from Lao Cai to Lai Chau.

2. Natural conditions of Sapa tourist site:

Animal and plant resources: Plant and animal species, abundant in number and diversity of species, especially rare species of animals and plants need to be protected. In the Hoang Lien mountain range in the tourist area of ​​Sapa, there are precious and rare medicinal herbs, which are "mines" of precious wood such as oil pine. Hoang Lien Son National Park has 136 species of birds, 56 species of mammals, 553 species of insects. There are 37 mammal species listed in the "Red Book of Vietnam". Hoang Lien Son Forest has 864 species of plants, including 173 species of medicinal plants.
Landscape: Sapa tourist area has many beautiful landscapes such as Silver Falls, Cau May, Ham Rong, Ta Phin Cave, Fansipan Mountain, Hoang Lien National Park ... Especially, Ta Van was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a historical and cultural vestige of the State. It is one of the legacies of the ancient Vietnamese, has so far attracted the attention of many scientists and is being proposed UNECO recognized as world cultural heritage. Along with the landscapes, the cultural relics are high peaks, the terraced wave.
Environment: At present, the natural environment of the resort sapa still maintains the advantages that nature offers.

3. The note when traveling Sapa

If you travel to Sapa and on weekends or public holidays, you should book the service when most hotels are closed and these days. You need to book train tickets, before booking Sapa hotel. If you do not book your Sapa tour it may cost you a lot.
If you travel Sapa 2, 3 days and sleep with the tour guide, the first day you will experience a long walk about 5 to 6 hours (depending on health and time weather), here are some useful information for your trip:

• You should bring a few small water bottles, or you can buy them on the go.
• You should have good shoes, carry raincoats, sun umbrellas in the event of weather changes.
• Sapa is very sunny. You need to bring sunscreen, insect repellent, and daily wear.
• It's going to be cool in the evening, so bring your summer jacket and warm jacket in the winter.
• You do not need to bring your sleeping bag and food because when you come to the house, the guide will prepare you for the attentive meals, resting place, clean bath. Thorough preparation will give you a better sapa tour.
4. Transportation while traveling Sapa:

From Hanoi to travel Sapa you have to go by train ticket soft seat 180,000 per time for the SP (train to Sapa); Ticket price is 350nghin / pass, and LC train (train ticket) will be cheaper but train late and slower.

Arrive at 9:30 pm to Lao Cai at 6am. To Lao Cai bus passenger (very much at the station) to Sapa fare 50 thousand.

In Sapa, you can rent motorbikes at 150,000 VND / day (filled with petrol) or 100ngh per day (self-pouring gasoline) to Sapa tourist destinations you like.

5. Attractions in Sapa:

First of all, you should ask for a map of Sapa tourism (at the DL office or at the Ham Rong Mountain ticket desk) so you can determine the route and schedule.

- Ham Rong, Silver Falls, Cau May, Cat Cat village, Ta Van village, Ta Phin, ancient stone beach.

- Phanxipang - the roof of Indochina.

- Bac Ha Market, to China via Ha Khau border gate

6. Shopping, price when traveling Sapa

When traveling to Sapa, you can buy souvenirs at the night market near the stone church but remember to bargain carefully: the brocade if the eye color is eye-catching of China. Water, beer, and cigarettes in the Sapa tourist area are more expensive than the lowlands and prices increase by half. So you can use local beer, prices, and flavors.

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