Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Places to drown in Da Lat in "May brilliant"

In the movie 'May dazzling', visitors of the festival recognize the dozens of lively venues in Dalat as a backdrop. Which are the locations, please find out soon.

Old Trai Mat station
In the places where Da Lat was famous in the film "May brilliance", the first to mention the route from Da Lat station to Trai Mat, used as a scene in the Underfloor section to follow Dong Ho. Just a little attention, you will recognize the scene is re-enacted from the cafe, soymilk to train train, ...
  Da Lat station has long been the most popular destination for tourists. Because this is the oldest ironwork, the only place to store steam locomotives and serrated tracks.  
In addition, visitors to Dalat can also buy train tickets from Dalat train station to Trai Mat for about 150,000 VND, experience sightseeing cruise on a 7km long route and visit the Linh Phuoc Pagoda at the stop. At the same time, you can visit: College of Pediatrics Da Lat, Cam Ly flower garden, the small wooden houses with cool vegetable garden on the hillside, Cau Dat tea.

Currently, visitors to visit Da Lat station only cost 5,000 VND to buy tickets to the station and spoiled taking pictures check-in. In addition, inside the Da Lat station there is a cafe inside the old train. This is where virtual girls live.   The Letter Y Bridge, Xuan Huong Lake  
Xuan Huong Lake area is also a place where tourists can enjoy a bike ride around the lakeshore, experience the food in the cold air of the mountain town, explore Dalat night market, bustling, busy architectural style of Hang Nga Villa, Cathedral of Chicken.

In the "May brilliant," the Y-shaped bridge at Xuan Huong Lake appeared at a slight disappointment of Under Phuong after witnessing Dong Ho kiss another girl.   The Y-shaped bridge is a popular place in Dalat and is always crowded with weekend shots. Many local people also choose this place to spread the sentence, even in the misty morning.   The Peace House
Today, thanks to the yellow wall of the mill, the Hoa Binh area becomes the faintest place in Da Lat. This is almost the center of the city, from which, visitors can visit the Dalat market; Eat the crayfish or the famous buttercup; Try to taste the chicken bread has 3 oranges to drink or cup of hot cappuchino.

Renovated meticulously, the Peace in the screen makes the traveler who ever arrived in Dalat feel like real. It is the scene of old folk and old people many years ago. The footage was also considered by many to be costly when the true anti-government demonstrations of the time.   Legend of the House   Doc Nha Bo appeared in the scene of Underworld sneak chase Dong Ho. This is one of the famous slopes because of the outstanding height only about 480m. This slope is located at Dao Duy Tu Street, Ward 4, Da Lat, causing tourists to be disturbed by poetic scenery.  
This place is hidden in a small forest, opposite the clay village. Just like the name, to get here, you have to go along the rough road, small wooden sign. You will be impressed by the quiet and wild scenery of nature here.

It's called the Bo Be slope because there was a French barn at the bottom of the hill. In essence, this is the way to turn off the self-open to go from the city center to Palace III (Bao Dai Palace) on the top of the hill.   Secret Garden - the place where lively in Da Lat   Dong Ho character waiting for girlfriend in the lake quiet, dim at the Secret Garden. Before the broadcast, this place has attracted many visitors to visit.   Coming to the movie theater is called virtual life paradise - the place where lurking in Dalat, you will see the beautiful bungalows hidden under the pine forest, the wooden bridge through the forest and floating floats. Lovely on the lake in green Tuyen Lam.    
The studio is next to the sculpture tunnel. Go to the sculpture tunnel tourists Da Lat turn to the parking lot, looking down to Tuyen Lam Lake you will find this beautiful school.

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