Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Plain delicacies: 3 delicacies from the perch

Poor meal in the countryside with dishes processed from the fish "coarse sweet to the bone". The rain is the blurry sky, the rice field smooth water. A sudden memory of childhood wandering, drop ignoring the checkered fish in the cold. At that time, the 9th lunar month was the time when the three rice crop was sucked after nearly 3 months of sowing seeds, fertilizing with many hardships. We were eagerly waiting for the heavy rain, the water bubbling over the edge of the field. The tilapia swarmed in the flicker and lifted up from the water, deep in the child's memory.

The scabbard of bamboo nappies hanging on the side of the house is carefully cleaned like a pat on the heart. Wearing cold rain, the young men called each other raincoat to avoid fishing. Gently step on the edge of the field to find where the bamboo grove tapered to the ground and spit a few kinds of grass to cover up to trap fish to ignore. About half an hour back, lightly hand to ignore the joy of indescribable when the perch fish flutter fluttered because of being lifted out of the water. Big robes, baby robes are wrapped in a bamboo basket knit on the side. Rainy rides such as rice fields also get the back of the fish basket. Raining back. The rice fields of three hours only in memory. The young poodle in the field to leave the fish is now just nostalgia. Our friends and I talk to each other again and again to buy the rhizomes to find the flavor of the day.   When coming to the house, she poured fish into the bamboo basket and picked the big ones for the next day. The finger-sized rice dumplings are placed in a bowl of water with a little salt to let the fish out of the dirt. And I walk around the neighboring mango fruit green beans brought back to make a salad. She took the fish out of the water, washed it in a pan of fried peanut oil to nine golden. Mixed green spinach in a bowl mixed with fish with fish sauce, salt, pepper, sugar and minced garlic. Then pick up the plate, add a few herbs on the world enough to fried a little more rice bowls. Salad with the sour taste of mango, salty taste of salted fish, salt dissolved with the sweet aroma of fish and sugar, the sweet taste of pepper mixed with aromatic garlic and herbs forever on the tip of the tongue. Salad of green tilapia brassicas mixed with the taste of rice field, fish love, warm love in the vegetable garden. Cold dinner with bacon steak with fish sauce. Abdomen, cleaned and then removed to the basket to drain the fire burning fire. Then, fry the fish on the grill, grilled on a charcoal stove. Watching until the fish ripen, scorching the two sides and spread the smell, then lifted off the kitchen. Add fish sauce and then sprinkle with lemon juice, sugar, chili, garlic while still, hot fish to penetrate into fish meat to create specific flavor. In the dry season, both fins and scales with fishbone are quite hard, chewing the root of the mouth. But on rainy days, the fishes are "sweet to the bone", always eating fish head is not afraid of the horn. Therefore, fish sauce fish sauce is always "love" all meals. To "raise" the percussion rain cannot lack grilled roasted tomatoes with a simple way of processing. Walking around the neighborhood to find some sour fruit near nine, blooming yellow. Use a knife to remove the edges and then rinse, sliced ​​and drained to drain. Grilled fish and onions in a large bowl with less salt, sugar, and puree. Add some cloves of garlic and beat with chopped fish sauce and mix well. Next, put the fish and the disk out, add a few leaves onion. Then there is the eye-catching fish salad with the yellow color of the mingling and the dark color of the grilled fish, the green onions and the red color of the chili cooked as inviting. The sweetness of fish and sugar mixed with the sourness of the harmony with the salty taste of salt, salt mixed with the taste of pepper ... delicious difficult to describe in words. Grilled tilapia for a family dinner is more cozy and delicious food every day to the farmer with a few glasses of wine countryside after a day hard in the field.

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