Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Porridge fish with bitter vegetables in the West

Sweet and fatty rice porridge, aromatic rice porridge and the bitter taste of vegetables is hard to miss when visiting My Tho, Tien Giang. In the southern and southwestern provinces, porridge is a familiar dish of every family. People who are not good at cooking or do not have much time just need to grasp the rice porridge with white porridge with dry fish.

More picky, buy less pork to have porridge of minced meat. But perhaps it is not until the taste of fish porridge in My Tho, the new gourmet recognized "this is no ordinary food but the specialty." Not too picky in processing but want to have good porridge bowl that makes people eat broth is not simple. First, rice, chef will choose medium-sized, sweet and fragrant rice. Rice porridge is not cooked and cooked as porridge, but must be roasted on the pan until the seeds are golden and fragrant. Fish to choose to cook is often the baby to less bone. However, the skilled chefs in My Tho often choose snakehead fish. This fish is smaller but firm and fragrant. Fish on the scales, rub salt on the fish body to remove oil and smell fishy. The belly and the fish should be cleaned thoroughly by gills and all remaining chilled blood. For Westerners, fish clean but leave the intestines as it is considered the best part of snakehead fish and also the attraction of fish porridge. To fish fishy and not light, after cleaning, some people flock fish through the boiling water with ginger, salt and seasoning. To porridge round the taste, porridge cooking water is not used tap water with the smell of chlorine. Some people use rainwater or filtered water to cook porridge. Place the boiling water on the stove, boil water for cooking until cooked, season with salt, seasoning, sugar and fish sauce. Finally, the snakehead fish is added to the fresh water and the aroma of the rice is mixed with each porridge to pick fish separately. With the smart cook, the snakehead fish just barely cooked to the meat still remains unbroken. Depending on the preferences of the food, the chef will separate the head and bowel fish. The fish body will be separated from the bone, when needed, just put the fish in the bowl and then porridge. There are also people who like to fish separately on the plate and more aromatic herbs. To add porridge more attractive, after seasoning enough taste, cookers usually take purple onions, in addition to green onions and cilantro are also two indispensable. Soya bean paste is also a secret to help fish porridge taste. In My Tho, some of the famous snake porridge recipes are also known as pomegranate gravy that can be used as a sauce or wedge as you like. Finally, there is a dish of bitter vegetables, the southern specialty vegetables bitter tongue but later sweet. Not the bitter vegetables grown in the industry with stalks and stalks as vegetables, vegetables, bitter soil My Tho grows in the back tissue of the house with leaves and small body, bitter taste. With fish porridge, the combination of the bitter taste and aroma of vegetables such as perfectly blended with the smell of roasted rice, fish snake and also the smell in each spoon. It is hot, make hot porridge hot soup just wipe the sweat. Cold season, fish porridge warm hearted customers. Delicious mouth, easy to digest rich nutrients, fish porridge tens of thousands of dong become specialties are available all year round and is the food that people have the opportunity to visit the land of the West.

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