Monday, April 23, 2018

Pottery Festival in Me Tri village in 2016

Attracting thousands of people to attend and enjoy specialty noodles, the Me Tri Cultural Festival in 2016 was held at the National Architecture Exhibition (Hanoi) on October 2...

Besides enjoying dishes processed from Me Tri such as fresh nuggets, coconut nuggets, rice nuggets, rice nuggets, rice nuggets, rice noodles, rice wine ..., people also witnessed the process of making rice clean. In addition, photo exhibits and other nuggets made during the period also brought a space of villages around Hanoi to attract visitors, especially the children. Tran Thanh Long, vice chairman of the People's Committee of Nam Tu Liem district in Hanoi, said that Me Tri cucumber is an elegant gift, a specialty for people who are far away from Hanoi. Me Tri culture festival is a practical cultural activity aimed at propagating and promoting the land and people of Me Tri, step by step bringing the village Me Tri become a destination in the program of cultural tourism village. Capital Hanoi, Tran Thi Kim Thoa (87 years old, Hanoi), said: "I was born in Hanoi, since I was eating corn should I like this dish. well The coarse nuggets are thin and green, and eat well. To this day, I want to find out about the memory where I was born and grew up. "
The family has 4 generations as a comic in Me Tri village, Do Thi Lanh, said the job of making nuggets by his ancestors, so the children in her family successive. "We are delighted to be able to produce the grains that we enjoy," Lanh said.

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