Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Quang Ninh specialty: delicious sardines

Swordfish is a specialty of Quang Ninh sea area with the typical flavor of sweet and fat from fish meat, aromatic ginger, chili and sour pickle and especially crispy when rolled in the leafy sea.

If you come to Quang Ninh, you go to the popular restaurants of fishermen in Van Don district to enjoy this dish. Sardines can be eaten by spices, vegetables with dipping sauce, rice paper or salad with vegetables. Sardines are abundant in the sea of ​​Quang Ninh. Fishes have a long body, flat, many silver scales, blue back, blue belly. According to experience from fishermen village Van Don, to make fresh sardine salad, fresh raw materials are available and only allowed to fish within 30 minutes. If over time, the fish will be damaged, meat cannot make the meat anymore. Immediately after fishing, the fish must be placed in small saltwater compartments on the boat to keep the fish fresh. To make a salad, should choose the fish is medium, thick meat, bone is not too hard. The fish is removed from the head, the belly is less meat, more bones scraped, washed to dry, using a sharp knife to split the body into two. This is a fish that has many bones so the processing to eat salad pieces are not easy to eat is not the most important. To do this, cut the fish body into small pieces, about 0.2 to 0.4cm thick, to make the cuticle smallest. Then the fish slices are spread out, to drain, soaked with a towel to clean the fishy.   The hearing is used to mix the roasted rice, delicious rice, cooked rice, crushed or crushed. Sardines are then mixed with auditory, marinated with ginger, galangal, minced garlic. Hearing more rakish than the type of hearing often in the area that both dry the fish meat, just scented and disinfected with the fish. The sauce is mixed with a moderate amount of sugar, lemon, chili sour taste just right, easy to eat. Sardines are often eaten with familiar vegetables such as Dilang, perilla, cucumber, lettuce, banana, ... The thing that makes this dish unique is the sea-leaf Commonly eaten by the sea, crispy with a slight taste but very suitable for sardines.

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