Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Quang Ninh specialty: delicious sardines

Sardfish is a specialty of Quang Ninh sea area with typical flavor of sweet and fat from fish meat, aromatic ginger, chilli and sour pickle and especially crispy when rolled in leafy sea.

If you come to Quang Ninh, you go to the popular restaurants of fishermen in Van Don district to enjoy this dish. Sardines can be eaten by spices, vegetables with dipping sauce, rice paper or salad with vegetables. It seems that the folk food as "raised" with a cup of fish sauce next to it.   Over the past few days, information on many types of industrial fish sauce with arsenic levels exceeded the threshold allowed to "hot" public opinion. Suddenly found myself lucky with the simple meals of rice and fish sauce cooked anchovies in accordance with the traditional flavor. After the Lunar New Year, many boats docked at Sa Huynh and My Lai ports (Duc Pho, Quang Ngai) with fresh smiles on the faces of fishermen blackened by the sea breeze. The fresh anchovy basket was rushed to shore, on the wharf - under the boat busy laugh laugh. Anchovies are packed to other places, consumed, steamed and dried and bought by many people. The technique of salting fish sauce of my people is quite simple, but for the fish sauce is delicious, Sa Huynh salt can not be missing, because Sa Huynh salty but not as strong in some other localities. Therefore, whenever the fishermen hit the anchovy, Sa Huynh farmers are happy to sell salt at high prices. The anchovy is washed and then picked out bamboo basket to drain. Mix the fish with salt in the ratio of three bowls of the same bowl of salt and add to the jar, use the bamboo nests to tighten and cover the lid, place the cool. After a full year, the sauce has penetrated and emanates the characteristic aroma when opening the lid. The village women put sauce in the cloth bag, filtered red water looks so eye-catching, called the most fish sauce. Then, they put the fish sauce in the porcelain jar and bring out the sun for three days with the two night dew, called "dang three sunshine". Next, they used the filter cloth to filter the second time to remove the impurities and put into glass bottles to eat gradually. At meal time, just pour the sauce and then spicy chili pepper, add less cloves garlic is crispy has a wonderful spice. Anchovy fish sauce is salty but save the sweet flavor is hard to fade. The dishes are "raised" after pointing to the fish sauce. Meal of rice or fish sauce.   In the past, the lives of people in my hometown were extremely difficult, so they always save and have become lifelong way. After the first filter, they put the salt in the diluted water and then cooked, cooled, poured into stir well with the sauce and then tightly covered, put in a cool place. A few days later, they put the sauce in the filter cloth a second time, many families filtered for the third time to fish or make food preparation. This sauce is not rich with the filtered fish sauce first time but still delicious, not fear of toxic chemicals. The children far away from home suddenly recaptured when enjoying anchovy fish sauce, taste reminiscent of the mother of the frequency, mother tongue fish in the hometown.   On cold days, many people often take some sips of fish sauce before diving into the sea or ponds, lakes, rivers, streams ... Fish sauce helps keep the body heat and reduce the pressure of water.  Fresh ingredients are available and are only allowed to fish for 30 minutes. If over time, the fish will be damaged, meat can not make the meat anymore. Immediately after fishing, the fish must be placed in small saltwater compartments on the boat to keep the fish fresh. To make salad, should choose the fish is medium, thick meat, bone is not too hard. The fish is removed from the head, the belly is less meat, more bones, scraped, washed to dry, using sharp knife to split the body into two. This is a fish that has many bones so the processing to eat salad pieces are not easy to eat is not the most important. To do this, cut the fish body into small pieces, about 0.2 to 0.4cm thick, to make the cuticle smallest. Then the fish slices are spread out, to drain, soaked with a towel to clean the fishy.   Hearing is used to mix the roasted rice, delicious rice, cooked rice, crushed or crushed. Sardines are then mixed with auditory, marinated with ginger, galangal, minced garlic. Hearing more rakish than the type of hearing often in the area that both dry the fish meat, just scented and disinfected in the fish. The sauce is mixed with a moderate amount of sugar, lemon, chili sour taste just right, easy to eat. Sardines are often eaten with familiar vegetables such as: Dilang, perilla, cucumber, lettuce, banana, ... The thing that makes this dish unique is the sea-leaf Commonly eaten by the sea, crispy with a slight taste but very suitable for sardines.

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