Friday, April 13, 2018

Rated 5 places to play super hot weekend in Hanoi

If you do not know where to play in the weekend in Hanoi, please refer to the below!  

1. Thu Le Park Located about 5km west of the center of Hanoi, located at the corner of Kim Ma, Cau Giay, Buoi, Dao Tan and Nguyen Van Ngoc streets, Thu Le Park is one of the funniest weekend spots. interesting. Come here, in addition to enjoying the fresh air fresh you also see the rare wild animals such as tiger, elephant, hippopotamus, lion, bear, crocodile, birds muon, ... 2. Monument to Ly Thai To Ly Thai To Monument is located in the Hoan Kiem Lake area, which is a frequent place for exciting events and sports activities in the capital and a popular cultural, entertainment and entertainment venue in the evening. Here, you can participate in sports activities, skateboarding, pet walking ... 3. Old Market Night Market It meets on Saturday and Sunday evenings. The Old Market Street Market attracts crowds of shoppers, with a full range of affordable items. 4. Korea Port Korean boat is a beautiful road, surrounded by West Lake with modern scene. In the evening, you can take a stroll in the middle of the sparkling street with beautiful lights and scenic West Lake at night. Especially, in the summer, this "love" road has a lotus flower, which makes it an attractive destination for couples. 5. Royal City & Times City Royal City & Times City is an exciting weekend attraction in Hanoi, the largest shopping and entertainment center in the world. This is the first closed water park system in Vietnam, with a variety of entertainment such as cinema, ice rink, food village. 6. Lemon tea in the evening On any sidewalk, there are lots of lemonade teens gathering. To experience this interesting you can go to the familiar destinations of the lemon tea is Church, Cat Linh area ... The sidewalk cafe has many options such as Trieu Viet Vuong Street, Nguyen Huu Street Huan or along Hang Non street. 7. Baoshan Paradise Baoshan Paradise is also a great suggestion for your weekend. There are 8 special places: cultural, ecological, game, art, cuisine, technology, workshops, and underwater. Where eco paradise is the most popular place

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