Thursday, April 19, 2018

Rated 9 dishes cuisine Hue

Hue is famous for its high royal cuisine and fine dining, but the folk food, the street vendors are equally attractive.

 Hue not only owns dream beauty, but also a gastronomic paradise. Travel with Vietnam to find the 10 most attractive dishes in Hue below! 1. Mussel rice Mussel rice has become a familiar dish when it comes to Hue, because delicious rice is best to eat in Hue. Mussels are made from cooked white rice and then cooled, then add the meat and other additives, fat fried crispy, eaten raw vegetables, banana, bean sprouts ... 2. Mrs. Doan's Cake Situated on Dao Duy Anh Street, at the end of a small alley there is a cake shop with no signboard. But the soup here is the best. Although the cake is fluffy like Quang Binh style, but broth is characteristic of Hue style. The juices of this shop have a strong taste and natural aromas of shrimp. When the bowl of soup is brought out, the water, spring rolls and crispy crunchy crunchy, diners will add pepper, salt, lemon, chili oil and sliced ​​celery on the table, though the water in the bowl. Good enough taste so ... So rarely have guests missed the water in the bowl of soup at Ms. Doi. 3. Alley tea If Hanoi has 36 streets, Hue has 36 tea places. Do not know ever since the alley has become a specialty of this land. The name of the alley is probably because the tea shops are located deep in the alleys. Each type of tea has a different taste, delicious, tonic, refined and sophisticated as the people here. Typical examples include: corn tea, lotus seeded tea, pomegranate tea, tea ... 4. Hue beef noodle soup Hue beef noodle soup is the soul of Hue cuisine. Hue beef noodle soup with a piece of pork leg, a piece of self-grilled pork, a small piece and a few slices of beef. Edible vegetables are also very fresh and plentiful. It is not difficult to find a good Hue beef noodle shop when you come here. 5. Hue Vegetarian Food If you want a vegetarian vegetarian meal, go to Hue to enjoy the best vegetarian meals. Vegetarian dishes in Hue are very rich and varied from mushrooms, tofu, vegetables ... but the way to process Hue, you will have very rich dishes. Barbecue noodles The special thing of this dish is the barbecue. The meat is marinated just enough, the meat is tender but not dry, and has a distinctive flavor, quite distinct from the rest. The dipping sauce is also mouth-to-mouth, especially with plenty of raw vegetables, fresh and blue Hue cake: cake, duck cake, cake These kinds of cake are characteristic of Hue because it is closely associated with the life of Hue people. The main ingredients that make up the food are rice and other additives such as shrimp, raw vegetables but bring flavor that no place can do the same. 8. Nhat Le cakes Originating from the famous Japanese street of rice cake that has become a favorite dish of many people, do not eat when you want to eat food. Eat rye bread when you cool better when hot. Remove the banana leaves, blue cake fragrant eyes. Bite a piece, bean leg fat fat brown rice flooded root teeth. 9. Nem Hue  Nem is a dish of Hue. Spring rolls are the most popular. Lemongas are made from dozens of different ingredients such as vegetable oil, pig liver, swordfish, sugar, cinnamon, fish sauce, flowers mixed with coconut milk

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