Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Romantic dating place in the heart of Da Nang city

The winter winds start to hiss through each scene, the weather will start cold in this city Da Nang. The couples hands in hand to kiss passionately under this weather what is equal. Romantic places for couples in Da Nang to make the couple as romantic girls are lost in the romantic film in Korea. Traveling to Da Nang, these places of dating will make you remember the moments of love in the heart of the city worth living.

Romantic red love bridge A place of dating has become a fever in the past two years, it is Love Bridge. Situated between the bridge of Dragon Bridge and Han river bridge, owning a favorable location, the bridge of love becomes a dating place for couples and men not only tourists but also indigenous people.
The air is cool, airy, wind blowing from the Han River makes it easy to enjoy the pleasant air when coming here. The bridge is shaped like an arc, about 2 meters wide, towards the middle of the river, standing next to the bridge, watching the scenery around it really amazing and impressive. Hundreds of lights are presented with a romantic heart-shaped frame shimmering and fanciful at night. As night falls, the number of tourists is getting larger. Selfie pictures of the moment in this place are posted with more and more satirical lines. Love Bridge Da Nang based on the idea of ​​famous love bridge like Pont des Arts of France, Milvio of Italy .... At this point, young people or couples buy the locks, engraved on the heart lock demonstrates the love story and they are hooked on the desire to wish together together to the end of life. , the tip of the teeth. Taking advantage of this romantic scene, many guys have confessed love to the place. Every year, especially the wedding season, the couples, the roots in the elegant suit, the bride in the skirt, hand in hand, handed kisses to save the beautiful moments in the wedding photo album before the two of them to the same house.
Asia Park - Asia Park Da Nang Another place chosen by couples is Asia Park. Favorable location, located on the route 2/9, at the foot of Tuyen Son bridge. Far away, the ferris wheel of the Sun, create a special highlight, attracting the eyes of all visitors. With an area of ​​89ha, with an investment of up to 4,000 billion VND, Asia Park is considered as the leading entertainment center in South East Asia. Asia Park is divided into three parks, an outdoor theme park, a cultural park and a Sun Wheel.
What is more wonderful when compared with him, hand in hand, experience and immersed in a series of exciting and adventurous games. Travel through the foreign countries without having to cross the border, right in the park population, you are adventurous through the adventure game. Here, the place can not miss, it is sitting in the cabin of the Sun Wheel. Looking at the panoramic view of the beautiful city when sitting in the cabin, would be unforgettable moments for you.
Pham Van Dong beach A romantic place where you can not miss the chance to travel Da Nang, it is Pham Van Dong beach. The harmony between the colors, the blue of the water, the white of the sand, the yellow of the sun creates a romantic, charming and poetic scene.
Hand in hand with her partner, watching the stream of people on the beach, in harmony with the blue water, the results are excellent. Looking up at the sky, flying umbrellas float colorful colors or canoes flying over the waves to feel comfortable. Great, when coming here in the early morning, welcome to your vase or sunset moments let you see the sea Pham Van Dong is more beautiful than ever. Do not just stop there, the scenery here makes you go on romantic footage in Korea. The green trees cool, the pigeons fly on the beach, making you feel like everything close to dear. The scene here is beautiful, the image of the couples exchanging kisses for the most beautiful moments in this place. Da Nang also has many romantic places for couples, in addition to the places mentioned above. That is the cafe has romantic space, cinema, road to the scene Ba Na Hills, ... These locations make the cold season seem to be dispelled a bit. Talk, listen to heartbeat, hand in hand with him, walk to the romantic dating places save the beautiful moments in these places in the way happy couple, think of It was fun and romantic.

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