Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sai Gon poetry with style car antique shop

Have you ever been to a café, savoring a cake in the middle of an exciting space with a vintage car filled with drinks, cakes or a bistro prepared to delight the guests? Let's visit 4 pubs in the style of old cars in Saigon

Pacey Cupcake - Terminal 3A   Within the compound of the 3A Station of Saigon, there is a small bakery called Pacey cupcake. The shop is a light green Volkswagen, located in the small poetic garden. The body is decorated in the cabinets, the car is the place where the store, around the car is the set of beautiful wooden furniture alternating with the blooming green trees. Try to come here and enjoy a pastry from an old car, in the early morning with the sun shining through the trees, you will find life is very cute too.   Motobike - 70 Phung Van Cung, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan District Here you will encounter an old car decorated with eye-catching tofu sold. The old Lamberetta was used as a mixing station while the front of the car was used for storage. Outside of the car for the car wash lam restaurant set small furniture in the style of minimalist, modern. In the evening, there are many young people coming here, choosing to sit on the porch of the wind, eating tofu, chatting with friends as a way to relieve tension after hard work day.
Prices are very affordable with a very attractive menu. You can eat tofu with fruits, jellies, sweets. But only open in the evening. However, during the day just passing by here is able to smell a sweet aroma inviting.   Vespa Sofar Bar - 99 Pham Ngu Lao, District 1 Vespa Sofar space is quite small, but extremely eye-catching because the front porch always has a colorful neck vespa. It is because of the limited space that the Volkswagen cafeteria and bar of the restaurant has been split to save space, but this makes the restaurant more interesting.
The car was split in half but still full lights, flashing off the eye does not lose any genuine version.
The Volkswagen, but its name is Vespa Sofar, the shop has a lot of accessories related to the vespa. Seating chairs can be the saddle of an old vespa, the car is used to decorate. Anyone in Saigon love the old style car shop do not ignore this address offline. C.On Café - 23 Ngo Thoi Nhiem St., Ward 6, District 3 C.Coffee is located on a quiet street but very attractive to passersby by the brilliant car in a green field full of trees. This car for sale Bingsu in the evening for guests to the shop. Still using the motif of the car as a mixing station, however, the car in C.On a whole lamp to ensure the night in this place will be very sparkling. Day out in C.On gives people a sense of tranquility, designed gardens with trees and fish ponds make the atmosphere here is always cool. There is also a spacious and airy indoor area for those who like air-conditioned. Saigon is remembered for those who come here because of the cute looks - from the nice shops, to the delicious dishes. Try to come and experience the bar

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