Monday, April 16, 2018

Sapa tourism human beauty and nature

Sapa is a reference to the beauty of the natural beauty of nature is a very charming bearing breath of peaceful and romantic life. Sapa travel tour you will find about the beauty of culture, nature, people, attractive food and specialties of the mountain. As one of the important tourist destinations of the North, Sapa is doing its part in promoting the image of the nation to international friends.
Sapa people often think of the beautiful beauty of nature that has been given. Travel Sapa everyone has a very common sense that it carries the pure beauty of nature. It is like a colorful natural painting with the harmony with people. You travel Sapa feel like being in harmony with nature, associated with Sapa people often refer to Ham Rong resort. Standing on top of the hill, visitors can see the roof of the world - Hoang Lien Son peak on the day of cloud cover. Look at the faint peaks through the early morning fog or dyed yellow when the afternoon light. And also not to mention a beautiful forest is Hoang Lien Son mountain national park is considered one of the most diverse centers of life in Vietnam.With fresh air thanks to forest ecosystem tourists, Sapa will be free to explore and see the animals and plants here. Not only beautiful about nature Sapa is also mentioned by the beautiful cultural as well as colorful festivals. Sapa with the highland love fair is held on Sunday every week. It is the meeting place of the boys and girls of an ethnic minority. They confessed each other through the flute and the girls flirted gracefully through the dazzling dance, glittering in the sun by the most beautiful costumes. It is considered as a pure beauty, not ostentatious, but brings to the discretion of a private secret in the way of confession. In the market, there are other activities as bold ethnicity. throwing, throwing a pound ... is full of people involved. Come to Sapa Market with many different items you can choose for yourself an item as desired from the skillful hands of the workers here. Especially loved are exquisite brooches that bring the color of everyday life through the motifs that are embroidered on fabric. It is the crystallization of the work, the hard work, and the suffering of many generations passed from generation to generation. If tourists travel to Ha Long Bay to see a glimpse of splendor, Sapa tourism gives you a feeling of simplicity and simplicity. Through the customs and habits of local people, we can understand the difference of ethnic minority culture. Besides the beauty of the nature of the flowers, white flowers, romantic flowers are du Sapa calendar is also known by the taste of flowers, fruit plum, peach, apple, pear ... have both. It draws a picture rich in vitality and color. Traveling to Sapa, you will enjoy many famous and well-known specialties. Drunk cats of apple cider ecstasy, armpit pigs are cooked with a variety of different dishes and typical taste through the processing of local people it becomes extremely attractive.Also, there are dishes Crispy spring rolls, corn tortillas, pancakes, dough ... Tour itinerary to Sapa you will enjoy and admire many delicious and novelties.

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