Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sapa travel and Fansipan cable less than 2 million, you are ready?

Sapa tourism is much loved by the beautiful sightseeing destinations, combining the cable car on the top Fansipan is great, cost less than 2 million you are ready to experience yet?

  The best time to travel Sapa   Sapa tourism in September is the best by this time the rice fields are ripe yellow, terraces are very beautiful. In addition, there was little rain, blue sky, and white clouds scenic and photographed. However, far spring you will be watching the forest peach blossom, plum blossom and many kinds of the wild forest but beautiful.   Vehicle   You can ride Sapa car straight up Queen's Café with good quality, car prices per person about 220k / pass.   Moved to SaPa   For a thrift ride and many places to visit, you should rent a motorbike or take a motorcycle ride. If you ride a motorcycle, the rent is 100k / day/car.   Stay in Sapa   You can find many hotels, motels at budget prices, in this article, introduces you Cat Cat Garden Hotel. Small 2-star hotel but full of essential items such as fridge, hairdryer ...   Room rates from 1.3 - 1.5 million / a double room for 4 people including breakfast. View from this beautiful hotel can see Cat Cat village and terraced fields.   Travel destinations   Ham Rong mountain Mountains located near the town can also walk to the place. Ticket price up to 70k / trip. Here there are many flower species like a miniature Da Lat and panoramic view of Sapa from above.   Sapa stone church The church is in the center of the town where you can get there to take pictures and view the ancient architecture of the West   The waterfall of love Love River Falls 12 km away, to love waterfall you have to walk more than 30 minutes through the forest. Tickets to visit the Love Waterfall is 70k / person. Fansipan
If you go by cable car to Fansipan peak you should note the weather to not miss the game. Cable ticket price is 600k / round trip.   Also, you can play at the foot of Mount Fansipan is also great, taking pictures in this location is also extremely beautiful.   Sapa Night Market This is the most crowded place in Sapa. Sapa night market you can spoil for buying brocade, junk food, and souvenirs   Eating Up to Sapa, you can not ignore the attractive cuisine. In Sapa, there are a number of restaurants from luxury to popular. However, in order to save money, you should ask for the price in advance to avoid being overcharged. You can also go to the cafes and enjoy the warm coffee.

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