Monday, April 16, 2018

Sapa travel in winter

Tourists usually come to Sa Pa in the summer. But if there is an opportunity to Sa Pa in winter, you will realize, Sa Pa winter is extremely attractive ...
Sapa as a city in the mist, painted a picture painted water charming. Here, there is an invaluable resource that is a cool, cool climate with varied nuances. Sapa has been chosen by the French as a tourist destination, with luxurious villas and paving stones. Between garden peach, garden plum chit flower every spring.

Sapa tourist trip in the winter, tourists explore Sapa with dew in Sapa dense, making the scene mysterious, mysterious. Dew all over, like a thin, light gray chiffon. The dew lays beside the gauntlet along the road, romantic on the terraced fields, making the shadow blur at the time. Screw up on the mountain peaks.
Sapa town with open houses in the mist. Ancient palaces next to the modern architecture of the West, winding along the highway or swagger on the slopes, hills.
The streets in the picturesque town of Sapa. Despite fog and cold, the rows of samu trees on both sides of the road are still green. The forest, pine forest is immense, the carefree song of the wind. On the sidewalks paved red brick, a paragraph there is two "umbrella" umbrella, selling brocade. The goods (hats, towels, pillows, wallets ...) are displayed on plastic sheets covered with an umbrella. Another umbrella covered a charcoal stove. Slowly in the mist, the ladies carrying the ladder were stepping forward. The colorful scarves on the head and the colorful dress gowns make the lively mark on the street.

The small town of Sapa close to the stalls with numerous goods, types, extremely rich and diverse. Most souvenirs, warm clothes, shoes, electronics, children's toys ... Most of the products are imported from China. Brocade, blankets, curtains, clothes, handbags, purse, handkerchiefs, embroidery ...) are "homebrew", made from the hands of the deft women ethnic, with many patterns and ornaments exquisite and fancy.
Although it is cold and wet, the Sapa market is still very vibrant. On the street, there are many H'Mong, Red Dao, Giay and H'Mong ethnic groups. The white H'Mong are dressed in colorful costumes. Red Dao girls dressed in red scarlet tassels. Black Hmong black scarf, black shirt, short black pants to the knees, legs wrapped black leggings. Sa Pó dressed in skirts or trousers, patterned short dress ... They go to sell the goods and brocade, buy the necessary supplies.
Located in the Muong Hoa valley, less than 10 km from Sapa town, Cat Cat village is a lively picture of H'Mong culture. The houses in the village are covered with logs, with pillars on a round or square stone. Outside rooms sell brocade, souvenirs, bronze and silver jewelry and ethnic musical instruments: pinhole, flute, bamboo flute ...

Unlike the cascade of silver dried up in the winter, the Cat Cat Waterfall in the Valley of Love, still pouring white water poured from above the tens of meters, between blind dew. On the banks of the stream, the young blue-robed girls were washing. On the shore, a small hydroelectric station built by the French in the 30s of the last century stood still, challenging. time.
In winter, tourists traveling Sapa cheap where you can not ignore the Ham Rong tourist as a sleeping princess, beautiful mysterious and virtual. Going on the crooked streets between the rocks are all bizarre shapes, watching the apricot trees, peach trees barely in the fog, visitors suddenly feel like they are lost in a world without real. Scattered here are the "shop" souvenir brocade: hats, bags, towels, wallets ... as the highlight lines between grass green, gray fog, and mountain stones. Not all flowers will escape winter. White flowers like snow white flowers calmly fluttering before the wind. The chrysanthemum is still bright yellow. The stillness of the vastness of the vast space. The orchids, orchids, comedy girls ... still blooming, beautiful to heart ... It is here, on the warm floor, visitors will see a program of ethnic music and music.
Sapa night market is full of delicious dishes, aromatic flavor. Mostly baked products: chicken, pork, cow ... Travel Sapa, you have the opportunity to enjoy the famous Horse-winning horse of Sapa. Stirring around the pot boiling water, visitors dip every green vegetable: cabbage, cucumber, choysum, watercress, cat ... to pick up the cup, just to eat. Click on a spoon in the hot, sweet, the cold numb suddenly lost where ...

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