Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Seabass hot pot, wild on the island of Thanh An

A bit spicy chili, sweet, aromatic fish meat mixed with water in the characteristic sour taste will make customers delectable. More than 30 km from downtown Saigon, Can Tho (Can Gio District) is one of the places that attract young people for the pristine scenery and hospitality of local people. Coming to the island, you will have the opportunity to enjoy many attractive dishes, which can not lack the seagrass hotpot has attracted many customers.

The main ingredient of the hot pot is the seabass and some other simple ingredients. Seabass, also known as sea bass, often live in coral reefs, sea, and estuaries of brackish water (canals, canals, lagoons). In the past, seabass was listed as a high-end food for kings. Today, many fishermen preferred to cook a lot of delicious food. To make the seabass hot pot, one must choose raw fish to have meat fragrant. Because surrounding Thanh An island is the sea, so customers do not need to bother about the freshness of fish. When eaten, the fish is cut into pieces, just pick up, you will feel the fish soft and sweet from the meat. Seabass barbecue with vegetables, and some other vegetables such as mint, okra. The vegetables are usually grown locally or are transported from the mainland. Consequently, vegetables here are sometimes a rare "specialty". Pick up the seabass with the salted fish sauce just a few slices of fresh chili, you will feel the sweet taste melted in the throat. This is a good place to try when you set foot on the island. Hotpot with sour, aromatic aromas of pineapple, onion, lemon has conquered so many fastidious. Seabass is a very suitable food in the summer, the enjoyment can sit and chat. You can find this dish at the Rio - Soc restaurant, located close to the sea - facing dikes with an average price of 300,000 VND a pot for 4 people to eat. Enjoy the food with friends with the waves of the sea with the wind and cool air will make your trip full of memories. To cross the island, you have to take 2 ferries, each trip about 10 minutes and 45 minutes.

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