Monday, April 23, 2018

Serious festive roses in the heart of Hanoi

If you are a lover of beautiful roses, definitely can not miss the Festival of Bulgaria Rose was held in early March. And no need to go to Bulgaria to see the hundreds of special roses in the heart of Hanoi.  
 "Bulgaria & Friends Festival" is the theme of this 2018 festival. To bring to a complete and outstanding program than last year, the BTC confirmed that imported more than 1,000 Bulacian Bulacan of more than 100 different varieties to show in the festival.   Time and place of the Bulgarian Rose Festival   This year, the Bulgarian Rose Festival will be held at West Lake Park, Tay Ho, Hanoi from March 8-11, to introduce the traditional Bulgarian culture of the country and the beauty of roses - A symbol for love and beauty. The Bulgarian Embassy cooperated with the Genetics Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to import more than 1,680 Bulgarian Rose Bulbs, consisting of 114 different types of roses. The trees are in the care and flower festival right for visitors to enjoy.   In addition to the roses from Bulgaria, BTC invited large garden owners in the North to participate in such as Xuan Quan - Hung Yen Flower Village, Flower Valley West, Thang Long Bonsai Art Association ... to bring more diverse for them. In addition, the old roses of Vietnam with the age of several decades or more, the infrared, bonsai roses are also blooming opportunity during the festival.   A special highlight of the Bulgarian Rose Festival   "Bulgarian Festival of Friends and Friends" is a long tradition in Bulgaria. This is a country famous for growing roses and preparations from this flower. Therefore, this year's festival promises to bring visitors many exciting and novel experiences. During the four days of the Bulgarian Rose Festival, there will be many outstanding artistic activities such as the selection of the queen of roses; long dress fashion show, ethnic Bulgarian fashion; Pink Roses program; the most romantic Kiss of rose; the most beautiful rose; dance roses; nostalgic Bulgaria for those who have been working, studying and living here and performing street music, magic ...   The difference in this year's festival is that the roses are decorated by landscape designers into works of art such as roses, rose house, garden Europe ...   Security work and seating are all ready Avoiding congestion as the first season of organization, this year BTC has planned to organize security and order to limit the state of jostling, pushing and trampling flowers as last year. "This year, more than 1,000 roses will be imported from Bulgaria and will be arranged in places where visitors can see, not collide. The ticket price is also lower than last year, fixed price 120,000 VND / person, "the representative of the festival confirmed.   "This year, the organizers have had many options for the festival to be held, such as the venue of 15,000 seats, security, well guarded, 4,000 seats," said the head of the organizing committee. Nguyen Duc Lien said more about the plan to organize the festival in Vietnam this year.

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