Monday, April 16, 2018

Should you travel to Sapa?

Sapa tourism is now no stranger to domestic and foreign visitors to Vietnam a land of humility, quiet but hidden wonders of the majestic nature.

 For those who have been touring Sapa cannot forget the beauty and charm of its unmistakable and unforgettable combination of natural and mountainous terrain to create a picture. Nature is very romantic and attractive. From the center of the city, you can see the panoramic view of the mountain peak...

There are many tourists are planning for Sapa Lao Cai travel of their own, wondering whether to travel Sapa in the most beautiful season. With our travel experience in Sapa, we would like to send you some information to solve the question "should travel Sapa at any time?". Located at an altitude of 1600m above sea level, Sapa has a temperate climate and subtropical climate, cool air all year round. The weather in the town one day has four seasons: the morning is the spring, the afternoon is like the sundown, usually sunny, mild climate, afternoon clouds, and frost falls to create cool feeling As the sun gathers and the night is the cold of winter. The annual average air temperature of Sa Pa is 15 ° C. In summer, the town does not suffer from the harsh sunshine like the coastal plains, about 13 ° C - 15 ° C at night and 20 ° C - 25 ° C during the day. Winter is often cloudy and cold, temperatures sometimes below 0 ° C, sometimes snow. The annual average rainfall ranges from 1,800 to 2,200 mm, most concentrated in the period from May to August.

From here, it is possible to find the right time to travel to Sapa from September to November or from March to 5. This time Sapa weather is stable, sunny days, cold nights.   From April to May, ethnic minority people transplant rice on terraced fields. And this is also the bloom season of many beautiful flowers. The rice field is very beautiful, hunter's wing like to go this season and rice season.  
December to February is very cold, can appear ice and occasionally snow. This is also the bloom season of peach blossom. This time, a lot of young people choose to travel in Sapa, to see the snow falling right in their homeland, watching the peach blossom flowers are a great experience right.

September to October is the season of nine rice, then all the angles of Sapa are golden. This is usually the most favorite time that many Sapa tourists have shared, this time, you will not be able to think of Sapa as a new coat color - yellow on the hills. But you should go in the middle or late September, to October many places have been harvested so it will not be as beautiful as the end of September.  
Reading this information, you probably also have the answer to the question "should go to Sapa". But depending on your preference you can choose the specific time to make your Sapa tour.

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