Thursday, April 26, 2018

Smoked grilled onion - specialty of Nam Du beach

Smoked grilled onion and porridge are the dishes are no stranger to the sea tourism, but in each region, nhum has its own charm and flavor. Here are two dishes made from sea urchins (urn) that travelers should not miss in Nam Du.

Smoked grease onion Nhum often spawn in March - June lunar calendar, so if you go at this time, you can enjoy the nhum first season is very delicious. In Nam Du, skilled seafarers often know the caves and cliffs in which they live. Getting the right way, otherwise it will be dangerous because the sting. The chef will cut off all the spikes, wash them, cut them out and put them on the grill. Smoked meat is pinkish-white, eating flesh. Although each of the children are large size but the meat is not much. To make the right dishes, one must not forget to put the two most basic ingredients are green onion and greens, accompanied by a little bit of peanut in the roast to bake together. When greased pork fat and lemongrass are golden, accompanied by the characteristic aroma of onion, the dish is finished. Depending on the taste you leave or add a little lemon salt. Rattlesnake baked onion grease has a fleshy smell of nhum, has combined the taste of fat onions, the taste of peanuts. The journey to explore Nam Du will be incomplete if you do not enjoy this delicacy. Porridge You will enjoy porridge in all tours to Nam Du. The boat has just left the big island, the boat rafters are ready to serve tourists. After cleaning, the chef scraped the meat off. It is usually attached to the trunk, forming the trunk. To make the porridge delicious, one must use freshly caught. So, enjoying porridge porridge on the boat will be a pleasant dining experience and right for visitors to Nam Du. To taste more flavor, the cook will marinate the meat with spices with spices such as pepper, onions. Then the ingredients will be fried to add flavor and blend together and then poured into the boiling porridge boiling, stirring and fast to eat hot bowl. This is considered to be nutrient rich and delicious mouth strange. After a few hours of exploring and swimming on the beach, a bowl of hot porridge, aromatic aromas of flavor will leave you tired, enjoying and enjoying the scenery of Nam Du.

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