Friday, April 13, 2018

Snacks on the throne during the cold season in Hanoi

Winter Hanoi will become more special if you enjoy the snacks featured simple but bold taste of heaven and earth.

  1. Roasted chicken, baked potato A dish that if not appear in the streets of Hanoi on the crowded days will feel extremely baked corn, baked potato. Do not marinate with any spices just corn, potatoes are baked directly on the charcoal so still expensive, still have the charm can not refuse.   The beast of the people enjoying this dish is that they are sitting side by side on the fire to enjoy this dish and chant the endless story.   2. Boiled boiled eggs   Boiled boletus is also hot food in winter, which makes young people crave winter. Depending on the place where more lemongrass, chili or lemon, but the decisive factor is fatty snails, eat crispy meat is very delicious. Unlike other dishes, enjoy snails must eat at the new sidewalk enjoy the delicious, sweet, interesting dishes.   3. Ribs Congestion ribs are all but the best is still eaten in winter days in Hanoi. The bowl of hot porridge is cooked thoroughly, sweet crumbs that fragrant with a few macadamia plastic chairs have created the image featured on the winter in Hanoi.   4. Cake with donuts   These two dishes are particularly suitable in the cold season, which makes the diner very popular. Piece of cake with sweet and sour sauce mixed with green papaya, herbs are nothing more wonderful, you will feel the sweet, fragrant, sour sweet taste delicious. You can enjoy this dish at the shop at Lac Long Quan Street or Phuong Mai Street.   5. Boat drift Winter to drift drifting is the first dish to be thought of. Soft, sweet custard added ginger aromatic flavor that makes this dish hunting the most. This is not only a delicious snack, but also a food that is effective in winter conditions. 6. Hot castings   Cast just hot looking just enough to find attractive and delicious. A cake casting consists of soft cake and flexible plastic, minced meat mixed with coriander to make the cake is not cast. If you eat spicy can use the molded cake with a little pepper will smell up and eat better. 7. Train the train The train is a dish originated in China but the food is delicious and close to the Vietnamese people from the past. The train is not only delicious but also has the effect of healing, due to the raw materials from green beans puree, licorice, jujube should work to keep warm body, detoxify, digest good.

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