Sunday, April 15, 2018

Some experience has to be tried in the Bac Ha market

Bac Ha market is a typical market of the northwestern region. Coming to Bac Ha market on Sunday morning, you can enjoy delicious food, buy souvenirs and get to know the culture of ethnic people here.

  Enjoy winning Thang is not only a typical dish of Bac Ha but also a typical dish of the North West. Pork steak in the corner of the market is always attractive to visitors when the market. With this dish may have people dare not eat but once tasted the taste will not forget.   Have breakfast with sour soup A typical dish of this highland area is sour soup. The dining area of ​​Bac Ha Market has a lot of noodle soups. A bowl full of sour phở from meat, herbs, sour soup ... cost about 20 thousand.   Eat snack From 7am, there are many snack bars in Bac Ha Market. From the main entrance to the market, visitors will find too many pieces of bread is sold on both sides of the road as well as in the market. Here each type of cake is priced below 5000 VND.   Buy bonsai, orchids At the gate of the market, there are lots of ornamental plants and orchids with different types. All are very beautiful and cost only a few dozens to a hundred thousand.   Buy herbs, precious medicinal plants The medicinal plants such as trionychid turtles, ham, etc. are harvested by local people from all over the region and brought to the market for sale, so visitors can buy or use as gifts for friends, Relatives have a very good effect.   Chat, take pictures of native people They are ethnic minorities who have only one chance to go shopping every day to have a nice dress, shopping, and shopping. Visitors come here to enjoy life as well as have the opportunity to photograph, exchange with native people.   Buy souvenirs made from brocade Bac Ha market has a large area for selling brocade. Brocade of Bac Ha people not only make the items serve daily life but also create many unique souvenirs to meet the needs of visitors.   Enjoy the corn wine One of the famous wines of the North West is Ban Pho corn wine - specialty of H'Mong people, Dao in Bac Ha. The corn wine selling center is selling brocade so you can not drink the wine is also felt by the smell of yeast wine occasionally.   Visiting the market selling cattle and poultry This area is located at the end of the Bac Ha market on a high hill separate from the brocade, food or fresh food. Here you can see people trading from dogs, chickens, and pigs to cattle.

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