Monday, April 16, 2018

Some good food in Sapa

Visitors to Sapa to see the beautiful scenery of clouds, mountains, forests, terraces, but do not miss the good food in Sapa Travel Vietnam would like to introduce you some of the best specialties in Sapa you learn and prepare for your trip Sapa full of fun!

1. Fresh Vegetables Cold - Topped the list of delicacies in Sapa Speaking of delicious dishes in Sapa, people think of green vegetables. In the cold climate, Sapa is the country of temperate vegetables such as white cauliflower, blueberry, red radish, chayote, garlic, and so on. tastes special, soft sweet attractive. The most famous vegetables in Sapa are Su sufu boiled sesame salt, sauteed garlic stir-fried chicken with vegetables ...
2. Salmon, fresh sturgeon - Delicious dishes attract many tourists Sapa Take Sapa tour you cannot ignore Salmon - very delicious in Sapa other than salmon, sturgeon imports are often slightly fat, fish in cold water fish in Sa Pa meat firm, my hunting, no fat. In the cold Sa Pa, a salmon hot pot / hot sturgeon also eat fresh vegetable whip, diners do not remember the whole life is strange. Salmon or sturgeon can also be sliced ​​thinly to mix salad, grilled ...
3. Pork robes in Sapa - delicious food not to be missed while traveling Sapa "Poached Armpits" is a very special treat in Sapa. This is a hog of the Mongolian indigenous breeding in free-floating style, occasionally people grasp a clamp on ... armpit, brought to the market should be called armpit pigs. An adult "armpit boar" also weighs only 4 - 5 kg. Pigs are cleaned, marinated and then left whole roasted or roasted. The thin piece of meat, from the outside into only a layer of crispy tan, then a layer of lean meat is soft, sweet, less than 2 cm thick; and in the same bone, usually also very small and soft, edible if not the bone. On tour to enjoy the meat "boiled armpits" sausage with Sa Pa cats are great.
4. Grilled dishes in Sapa The grilled dishes are the culinary delights that make up the special feature of Sapa. It can also be because of the cold climate in Sapa, what anything whatsoever is brought to ... baking. From chicken eggs, duck eggs, meat skewers, veal rolls, rice, chicken legs, potatoes and many specialties, by the people of Sapa themselves. In the evening, the barbecue area is the place to attract most tourists because of the warm space and delicious food suitable for cold weather in the mountain town.   5. Winning in Sapa - delicious food should try to tour Sapa Thang Long - Delicious dishes in Sapa are cooked quite complex. For the ethnic people, often try to cook all kinds of meat, buffalos, cows, pigs ... Thang good try to 27 different types of spices such as cinnamon, anise, cardamom, fragrant leaves ... Forest vegetables are important part the second of the win. Travel Sapa you enjoy the win with the special flavor, just sweet, fat, sweet, fragrant of this specialties. What is interesting is that sitting on the side of the pan, trying to boil, eating and sipping a cup of corn wine, feeling warm in the cold air, mountain breeze numb ... Winning famous in Sapa is winning Ma, triumph over the horse; Trying to win A Quynh: 015 Thach Son, Sapa.

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