Sunday, April 22, 2018

Specialties should be purchased as a gift when traveling to Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is not only famous for its beautiful scenery but also many famous specialties. Do not miss the specialties offered as gifts to relatives and friends.

1. Phu Quoc pepper Once known as the pepper kingdom, Phu Quoc has many pepper gardens that are planted with large and high quality. This place not only provides large pepper production for the whole country but also a place to visit to learn about the people and life of people on the island. Due to the climate and humidity, Phu Quoc pepper has a stronger, smelling and darker taste than other pepper growing areas such as the South East or the Central Highlands. 2. Phu Quoc fish sauce Fish sauce is a very famous specialty of Phu Quoc with tradition over 200 years. Here there are many barrels of fish sauce long years old to give birth to hundreds of thousands of liters of delicious fish sauce. Fish sauce in Phu Quoc Island is made from fresh anchovy, marinated with salt, through traditional fermentation and special secretions, so it has a very special flavor and high protein content. The rich and delicious of Phu Quoc fish sauce comes from the typical flavor of fresh anchovies such as striped rice, charcoal, pollen, red rice, lead powder, and thin rice caught in the sea. 3. Phu Quoc Mushroom Cultivation Melaleuca is the only fungus found only in Phu Quoc in the Melaleuca forest when early rains began to appear. The harvest time of mushrooms is very short in just over a month, the season is over. This mushroom is tastefully tasted, slightly bitter taste suitable for use to cook seafood soup mushroom or mushroom mushrooms. If you do not travel to Phu Quoc Island in the rainy season to enjoy the flavor of fresh melaleuca mushrooms, you can buy the mushroom species that people in Phu Quoc dried and brought home as gifts. Process delicious food for the family, friends enjoy. 4. Fresh seafood Phu Quoc In Phu Quoc, you seem to feel this is the paradise of seafood and this is a suitable gift for relatives, colleagues, and friends. Fresh seafood is often sold in Duong Dong market, Dinh Cau night market or early morning market with many kinds such as crab, snail, squid, sea lobster, lobster, Fresh sea fish, frozen sea fish. In addition, you can choose dried seafood such as dried shrimp, dried mackerel, dried lychees, dry fish, dried squid, sun-dried to save the fresh pure taste. Besides, when traveling Phu Quoc, you do not miss a very popular specialty here is the sea cucumber, also known as ginseng, grenades, brisk. Sea Cucumber of Phu Quoc Sea is very high value and is a high-grade food that enhances and nourishes health.

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