Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sweet tea - delicious - cheap - Nha Trang

Desserts from the name to taste but familiar dishes in Nha Trang, come here you will surprise the taste of this dish. Seedlings are shaped like darnel trees located deep in the forest, on the mountains and only in the central, especially many in Nha Trang. Fruits look like coconut but small, like a chamber chamber together. Each fruit has about ten white seeds, brittle, tough and tasteless.

From the seeds can be processed into a variety of tea to make various soft drinks such as fruit tea, singing rim sugar, milk yogurt ... 1. Rim the sugar The simplest way to enjoy nuts is to rim the sugar. Cover the ceiling several times for clean, the ceiling in the old hot water to boil again about 5 minutes then take out, rinse the cold water to keep brittle. Take this partially processed seeds with aluminous sugar for sweetening and rimting on the large pan, the pan does not need to add water until the line is upside down, the seeds are clear in color. 2. Pineapple rim This dish is delicious with sour sweet and sour taste of pineapple combined with pineapple. This dish will taste better if there are more vanilla and ginger to enhance the taste. Currently, this dish is packed and shipped everywhere, so you can buy it for your family. You can also create more dishes when replacing pineapple with Astiso, lemon, coffee, cocoa depending on your preference. 3. Colorful seeds In Nha Trang, you will enjoy the colorful tea. To create the color of the seeds Nha Trang people have used ingredients from natural fruits and vegetables such as pineapple juice, carrots, red beans ... make tea cup just delicious and beautiful. 4. Tea ceremony After pre-processing the seeds and soaking the sugar, pour the ingredients into the pot, add water and then boil over small fire. Graduated rice, cooled, scoop out each cup, add fresh jackfruit tear yarn, sliced ​​pineapple, less coconut milk, cool and enjoy. In addition, seed is also a raw material for milk tea, rub tea, pomegranate tea ... Diners can enjoy the junk food from the market, the famous tea. The reference is fruit tea on Bach Dang street, To Hien Thanh, Quang Trung - Nha Trang Collagen is a cool drink and has many uses for health treatment arthritis, prevention of osteoporosis, digestive support, regulate blood pressure ... and also help to beautiful skin, keep the shape. is liked by the sisters. These dishes are easy to prepare and cool in the summer. Do not miss when traveling in Nha Trang.

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