Friday, April 20, 2018

Ta Cu Mountain - an attractive destination for those who love Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a beautiful place to visit, beautiful fishing village, Mui Ne fishing village, Ta Cu mountain is also attractive to attract many people.

Location of Ta Cu Mountain Ta Cu Mountain is located along National Highway 1A in Thuan Nam Town, Ham Thuan Nam District, 28km south of Phan Thiet City. Ta Cu Mountain is a mountaineering site, an amazing landscape of Binh Thuan province with a peak of 649m above sea level. The scenery here is wild, with the mountain with the same message, open the ancient temple roof hidden behind the forest.   Climate on Ta Cu Mountain The climate in Ta Cu Mountain is so fresh that visitors come here once want to return. Come here in each spring visitors will be admiring hundreds of blooming flowers such as apricot yellow flowers, red flowers, many trees as incense, by rolling a mountain slope. Especially the stream of fresh cool cool flowing from the cliffs makes Ta Cu mountain landscape becomes very natural.   Move to Ta Cu Mountain There are two ways to go to Ta Cu Mountain. One is over 1000 steps, it takes more than 3 hours to climb the mountain. This is for those who like adventure and good health   The second way is to climb the mountain just as fast, just take about 15 minutes to get there by cable car. Sitting on the cable car you can enjoy watching Ta Cu Mountain from above with the flowers blooming colorful.   Experience on Ta Cu Mountain Climbing to the top of the mountain, you will see two famous temples: Linh Son Truong Tho and Long Doan pagoda. There is a Buddha statue, Nibbana statue lying on its back, leaning on the mountain. This statue is considered one of the most valuable statues in Southeast Asia and of great value. This statue belongs to the rare statue of Buddha in the history of Buddhism in Vietnam and is the largest statue in Vietnam at that time. Works by engineer Truong Dinh Italy in 1962. The Buddha statue lying about 50m is the group Tam The Buddha: Amitabha, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, Dai The Chi, all three statues are about 7m high .   The entire pagoda is an architectural whole including: Tam Quan, shrine, Buddha statue, tomb tower, cave nest ... hidden under the green forest four fresh season.   Standing on the high mountain, watching the clouds drift in the cool air seemed to be standing under the sky Da Lat, all fatigue are gone.

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