Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tay ethnic clothing

Overall Tay people often wear clothing cotton indigo dyed so their outfits dominant color is indigo, women chit towel mine raven, dressed in body with a belt, worn round the neck, arms, legs silver.

Traditional Tay costumes are made from self-made cotton yarn, dyed indigo on men's and women's clothes, with almost no decorative pattern. No one knows the brocade weaving of the Tay ethnic people have ever known, but only know the brocade fabric by their own weaving has long been famous for the beautiful, colorful and colorful people. family. Main materials for brocade weaving are indigo dyed cotton and dyed silk. However, due to the price of silk is expensive so today weaving brocade wool has a lower cost to replace. The process of weaving completely handmade brocade and the skillful hand and the patience of the Tay woman that the Brocade should be formed form very special. From the self-made brocade, the Tay woman dressed in blankets, bed linen, bed sheets and especially the costumes of the nation. The Tay men's clothing had lacrosed feet, large feet, scissors, short sleeves, five-legged, standing neck. He also has long sleeves such as short sleeves that extend over his knee. In addition, they also have a four-piece shirt, this is a shirt cut chest, high round neck, no shoulder, cut, cloth buttons and two small bags in front. On the occasion of the festival people wear white blouses inside, so that the Tay people are called white people (need to slurp) to distinguish Nung people usually only wear indigo. In addition, Tay men also wear a dress shirt with five axes cut under the right, chiseled cloth or daisy. Pants are also made of indigo dyed cotton fabric such as a shirt, cut under the diagonal pants, moderate length to the ankle. Pants with wide sleeves are not retractable, when worn with lanyards. Indigo head towel (30cm x 200cm) Wrapped on top of the head in the way of the letter. On women's clothing, it is wearing a blouse, a five-piece dress, pants skirt, belt, head towel, cloth comedy. Tay women also wear a long waist with indigo cloth or two lengths of arms to enhance the charm, especially with the female bar. During the holidays, they wear a white shirt on the inside. Previously women wear dresses, but recently popular wear pants; This is the kind of men's cut pants that are more narrow in size. Tay women's towel is also an indigo-type square scarf when the team clashes like the crows of the Kinh. The hats of the Tay women are quite unique. The cone is made of bamboo and covered with conical hats. Women's jewelry Tay simple but basic types such as necklace, bracelet, anklet, feet ... There are also places to wear cloth bags. Talking about Tay costumes, we can not help but mention the pattern on their costumes. The most unique is the popular indigo, the uniform on the male and female as well as the way to wear a white shirt inside the indigo shirt. The note is not styling, but the style of art as mentioned above. Many ethnic groups also use indigo, but also decorate the other colors on the costumes, in the Tay mostly the colors are used in the surface of the blanket or brocade. Pa group (Lao Cai) has a unique style of decoration and decoration in the wardrobe and clothes. Histologically, it is mainly suitable for weaving on looms. The arrangement of the umbrella pattern with the surrounding borders to create other fractures. In the fruit boxes is a cartoon depicting the shape of the vegetable, pumpkin, which is related to the ancient culture, ancient beliefs of many agricultural residents in the North of Vietnam, in there are Tay people. On the basis of this kind of layout pattern a black on white background like this, the Tay to develop decorated in a different direction, tuck colors on each piece of vignettes, each array textures depending aesthetic, reviews The lover's preference on the weaving loom, called brocade, is meant to be a local type of broccoli. On the surface of the blanket or veil where the location is in ancestor worship places, subjects are shown related to religious beliefs, such as the rising of the fringe at the top - corresponding to the heavenly realm, god, protection for life, peace, human or added sugar frill at the bottom - that corresponds to the earth, the horse, the bird is the iconic symbol for life, plants, animals on the ground as the concept of the universe of folk. Layout square of Brocade, layout rectangle of type brocade make the blankets or screens prescribed above bottom - is the layout of individual in decorative textiles of the Tay, where ethnic groups I do not have. Today, traditional Tay clothing is still the most popular in the traditional holidays, but blouses and shirts are still worn by many young people, while on ordinary days, they wear almost Kinh outfits.

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