Saturday, April 28, 2018

Ten Asian restaurants won the Oscars in 2018

Top 50 best restaurants in Asia voted by more than 300 industry experts in the restaurant, CNN like the 'Oscar cuisine'. Here are the top 10 Asian restaurants to win in 2018.

1. Gaggan Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand   For the fourth consecutive year, Indian restaurant Gaggan in Bangkok has won one of the top 10 best restaurants in Asia in 2018. Chef Gaggan Anand, 22, shared his secret: "Did we succeed? It is a recipe or a dish, which is how we refresh the space of the restaurant. Every 4 months we change 80% of our menu.
2. Den Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan   Den's restaurant in Tokyo is a place where gourmets can not be ignored. Because of this, the restaurant is known for its traditional culinary style cherry blossom. At the same time, international influences can be realized when you taste traditional Japanese dishes in Hasegawa's eight-course menu.   3. Florilege Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan   Adding a restaurant in Tokyo to the list of the 10 best restaurants in Asia in 2018 offers an innovative combination of premium French cuisine and traditional Japanese ingredients. The main chef of the restaurant is Hiroyasu Kawate, a person with imagination, creativity plentiful.   4. Suhring Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand   This is the restaurant of two brothers Thomas Cook and Mathias Suhring. Other than what you expect in a bustling Bangkok restaurant, Suhring brings a surprise German flavor in Thailand. Thus, Sühring is part of the new wave of Bangkok.   5. Odette Restaurant, Singapore   Housed in the National Gallery of Singapore, Odette is a timeless gourmet dining spot by chef Julien Royer and inspired by her grandmother Odette. He opened Odette's door in 2015, just after nine months of running the restaurant has won two Michelin stars. Therefore, this is also one of the 10 best restaurants in Asia this year.   6. Narisawa Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan   According to Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa, the Narisawa restaurant specializes in Satoyama cuisine, a land of admirable natural beauty near Kyoto. In one of the 10 best restaurants in Asia with 2 Michelin stars, each dish has a story and a theme of respect for nature.   7. Amber Restaurant, Hong Kong   Amber is a two-star Michelin restaurant located on The Landmark Mandarin Oriental in central Hong Kong. Chef Richard Ekkebus serves and presents modern French cuisine in a contemporary, elegant setting designed by Adam Tihany.   8. Ultraviolet Restaurant, Shanghai, China   The restaurant is highly rated thanks to a menu of 20 dishes named "pleasant dining experience" by chef Paul Pairet. This first restaurant combines food with sentimental sensory technology to create an immersive dining experience. Every night, this is Asia's best restaurant with only 10 guests enjoying a great dinner here.    9. Nihonryori Ryugin Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan   Chef Seiji Yamamoto said the Nihonryori Ryugin restaurant offers modern, seasonal cuisine based on the traditional kaiseki cuisine. Thus, Ryugin has three Michelin stars and topped the Top 10 Best Asian Restaurants of this year.   10. Nahm Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand   Always ranked in the list of 10 best Asian restaurants, Nahm serves Thai dishes prepared in antique recipes with a focus on the taste and texture of quality ingredients. high interact with each other. Whether you are a long-time visitor to Bangkok or a first-time visitor, Nahm cuisine will surely satisfy you.

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