Monday, April 23, 2018

Tet Fish of the Tay in Ha Giang

Every year on September 9th, Tay families in Mau Due commune, Yen Minh district, Ha Giang province, whether rich or poor, must have a good meal to invite their relatives.

Tay people in Mau Due commune, Yen Minh district, Ha Giang province held a fish festival to pray for the rain and good wind, bumper harvest, also to commemorate the work people brought to the Tay people here. wet rice cultivation.

In addition to the need to satisfy the needs of spiritual life, this is also the children in the village, the parents are shopping for new clothes to go out with friends; This is an opportunity for young boys and girls to get to know each other. At the same time, it is also a chance for the relatives to meet, drink wine, eat fish and tell each other the story of the village, the production experience, hunting ... the difficulties figs in life from that understand each other, solidarity help each other with progress.   Fish is removed and caught in the field from the 7th or later on the morning of the 8th. Air Tet starts when the fish is caught. Children are prepared parents very special Tet toys, they catch the small fish, stringed into the mouth, making small rafts of chit and then tying fish. Then the children brought down the small streams around the village, they examine the children who are stronger, after playing them brought these fish to bring their parents to grill, according to their opinion The healthy fish that will bring grilled fish for children to eat it will be healthy and fast food. The finished dishes on the 8th evening were required to cook several dishes that afternoon to worship. On the 9th day again invited new guests, the men only task is to bring fish from the field, fishing operations are required to be the mother or husband in law, the fish must be operated under the altar. First, while the fish is strictly prohibited to talk, not for anyone to be looked at because in the opinion of the Tay, this is a sacred ritual, if other people see the fish processing to worship will not. Sacred, ancestors will not bless. Families who do not have a door or a private home are required to have curtains under the altar for surgery. The dishes are made from fish are quite rich and varied, according to the traditional concept is to be processed for 12 dishes in which there are items such as: Grilled fish: The grilled fish is required to have 12 identical grasshoppers, each with at least 100g. Fish is cleansed, marinated with salt (depending on the taste), fish is carefully put ginger leaves into the mouth, then take the stick poked straight into the mouth, this way fish do not bent. Grilled fish is usually cooked from the 8th, usually pre-baked, noodles and baked 9. Sour Pickled Fish (Peeled Fish): The fish is cleaned, the sour bamboo is squeezed out water, the shampoo washed to dry, the salt seasoning noodles, depending on the taste mixed together, then the package is the forest. Salted fish: scaled fish filtered for meat on the paper, put on the kitchen ashes, the head and tail are small roasted gold, the hearing is made from pumpkin seeds or soybean, sour leaves Small, after preparation, mix well. This is a fish dish made by Tay and Nung very favorite. Millet seeds (fish): Fish is farmed in the field, food completely from nature, the fish was captive so the gut is very clean, only the bile is usable. This dish simply made the intestines mixed with gold seeds and then pack the leaves of the forest. Fish is made from sour soup (fish): fish is extracted from the fish for mixing into bamboo shoots from cold water, spicy salt noodles according to taste, for the pot to be boiled without the island. Biscuit: a small fish with two fingers, the fish is cleaned and then put into the green beans or soy beans a little pepper, cardamom, ginger. When eating this dish is very delicious no fishy smell. In addition, there are some items such as fried fish, cooked fish.

The ritual was conducted during the New Year On the 9th is the main day of "Tết Cá", almost all Tay families usually eat Tet starting from noon. After the dishes are prepared, before the meal always have to do worship, the worshipers are the main breadwinner in the family, the dishes always have two main dishes are grilled fish ginger leaves fish soup and sour bamboo shoots. While the man prayed, the older woman, whose family was invited to invite guests, was invited to be cousins ​​around. Tay people here on Tet have a custom when each family is invited to send a member to eat, Tay people called the "exchange", the go is usually the man who drinks alcohol. If the family was invited without a member, they would be considered despised by the family and they would not go to the family on the day of the festival.

Each family, family line when they have a way of declaring them when inviting their ancestors to eat different Tet. But the content in the "Tet" fish is exactly the same. "He came back and invited me. Invite his ancestors to eat boiling. Invite him to eat dried fish. Invite him to eat fish cooked sour bamboo shoots. Invite you to eat dried fish I do delicious. Invite grandparents to drink, for grandparents to drink enough. Grandparents help children and grandchildren. Take the road away, take her away. Give me peace. After the ceremony, waiting for a week of incense, guests to crowded enough family began to eat Tet, while eating older people sit on the tray, near the altar itself; Our children sit down. During the meal they drank good health, wishing the next season to harvest more grain. "Tet ca" is one of the great sacrifices of Tay people here. In general, the Tay people do not organize games, they just eat, drink to each other's house and wish each other good things. Before leaving home, the guests often sang their traditional "gliders", expressing their gratitude to their families for a good meal and not forgetting to send wishes. /.

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