Monday, April 23, 2018

Thai flower festival

The flower festival is held every year in the flowering season in Chieng Khoa, Son La province of the Thai people to commemorate the two girls, The flowers of the forest are worshiped by the Thai people as 'two lords'.

The villagers offered sacrifices, praying for her health, good weather, fresh crops, breeding, corn growing full.   The story is that a family has two daughters, unfortunately the father died prematurely. The family has difficulty, the mother must go to the forest to gather for raising two children. The two grown up, increasingly beautiful, humble, talented and hard-working in cotton weaving, embroidery. People love you two. One day she bathed in the stream, the king went through the beautiful see, love, want to take back to bow, but she did not agree and put yourself down the stream of suicide. She was forced to do concubine, do not agree so she put in the forest where buried sister sobbed. She burned dead and turned into Ban. People mourn and admire the good qualities of the two she should contribute to build temples to worship.   The warm sun, village elders, teachers, along with the dignitaries in the day selection, good time to celebrate the United Flower Festival. Prepare the offerings and the necessary procedures to the temple. Mama dressed in traditional costumes, head turban head led, followed by nine girls in dress skirt, two towels wedding dress. At the door of the temple, the two men down, the teacher said to the villagers: "Today, good day, the people of Chieng Khoa worship offerings to the gods blessing and witness the heart of Chieng Khoa village" .   Master mo checked the tray finished, then perform a ritual: "Invite the gods / low spirits / The divine spirit / Invite two mountain god / Waterfall god on the waterfall / Mountain god in front of the mountain after / Invite the gods to sit on the plate / Invite the gods to eat / Invite the gods drink wine / Invite to eat black buffalo meat / Eat duck meat / eat and bless the people of Chieng Khoa / Work That's the way things are / The richer the day / The unadorned / The grateful to the gods. "   After completing the ritual, the master invited the villagers to drink wine and send to each other good wishes. Male, female to play traditional games (speed mace, push stick, tug, catch fish, throw also). The players competed against each other to win the prize ... Drums, gong rang out, young and old boys and girls holding hands to follow the rhythm of the flowers and take off in singing "lounging". The Festival of Flowers has been passed down from generation to generation, contributing to preserving and promoting the Thai cultural identity. The ceremony to thank the ancestors and "Two Princesses", the gods bless the healthy people, fresh crops, life is growing. The festival took place happily, affirming the solidarity and creativity in production work of Chieng Khoa villagers.

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