Saturday, April 14, 2018

The 10 most amazing things are found only in Saigon

Wherever you go you have to recognize that Saigon is one of the most attractive destinations. Why Saigon always attracts everyone to me. The answer can only be: because Saigon is great!

1. Saigon people are very friendly, they do not distinguish which area is friendly to all. If you are a stranger you will quickly integrate with the pace of life here because they always welcome you in the most natural way.   2. Coming to Saigon, you will find very interesting signs, funny for the people erected. For example: "find your way Y you go to win 5m turn right then left hand see the little road is it. Ask nostalgia too! " It has become a cute and witty feature of Saigon that once met is never forgotten.   3. Saigon people are very enthusiastic to help others, including those who are unfamiliar. They help others without a thanks or a reward.   4. Daughter of Saigon gentle but clever but no less dynamic. Saigon son strong, strong and galang. If you come in contact with them surely you will feel close and impressive   5. Saigon is the convergence of the elite of all regions such as Hanoi noodles, Hue beef noodle, Quang noodles to snacks such as rice paper mixed, white tea, nem sour fried, lemon tea.   Saigon people are also very creative when they know how to make good food from ordinary ingredients. Pho bread, for example, is a combination of modern lifestyle and pho typical of traditional values, or if Hanoi has lemon tea, Saigon has shisha lemon tea. Coffee milk is once a drink, but the ice cream coffee grilled with flan, only Saigon. For the Saigon people, creativity is infinite   6. In Saigon, it seems that the night never comes. Saigon is busy and bustling day and night. As in other cities, 10h at night is home to turn off the lights in Saigon can go to play until morning but still crowded.   7. Saigon has many green parks built, almost every park is large, and many conveniences. Tao Dan Park, in addition to green trees, beautiful stone rows, fresh air also has a gymnasium with a variety of modern exercise machines and colorful children's play area.   8. Take a walk on the road and you will see water jugs or tea pots placed on the sidewalks with the words "free ice tea". Wherever there are free things that are cute and meaningful   9. In Saigon, they have a good way of life, they care enough, they do not talk about other people, they do not have too much children, so they can be independent.   10. Saigon people do not matter. They recruit with talent and experience, not because of a hardcover card. Thanks to this, many people from other cities came here and prospered.   In addition to the tourist attractions in Saigon, learn about the culture of Saigon also make your trip more interesting and memorable. What are you waiting for that you have not yet arrived in Saigon to enjoy the fun?

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