Friday, April 13, 2018

The best photo shoots in Hanoi

In Hanoi there are many ideal spots to have beautiful photos. Here are some suggestions for you.

  1. Nhat Tan flower garden There are blooms, sunflowers, sunflowers, butterfly blossoms, dragon flowers ... all year round for couples and young people to shape. 2. The street leaves yellow leaves These streets are famous in Hanoi with long rows of trees smoking, creating a sense of peace, fresh. Whenever you walk to Kim Ma Street, near the diplomatic corps and Van Phuc Street, you can find beautiful corners to take pictures. In spring, the road covered with red flush shoots of trees in close tombs. In the summer, the green carpet of grass becomes brighter in the sun. Autumn, yellow leaves fall down the road and even winter Kim Ma Road with trees also attracted to the teenager love pose image.
3. Long Bien Bridge Long Bien Bridge is not only a historical witness, connecting the two banks of the Red River but also connecting the simple life of wild people in the middle of the Red River with the bustle of urban flowers. Every day of the day brings to this historic bridge a different beauty. If early in the morning, the bridge open air in the mist spreading behind the beach in the middle of the Red River, then at the afternoon, Long Bien bridge becomes as ancient as the artist at the late afternoon. 4. Ho Guom When collecting, the Sword Lake has a strange beauty, the wind is cold, can be felt dry leaves smell mixed with the smell of water and soil. At this time also the bunch of bright red buds lurking in the lake. At the end of winter, sesame buds change the bright yellow leaves, the late autumn, the tree blooming red as the curtains to the side of the water. Blue water and sesame buds will create a beautiful poetic scene. 5. Old Town If you want to preserve the beauty and quiet of Hanoi, the old town area is the most suitable destination. The scenery of trees along the Hoan Kiem lake, with the The Huc bridge color, Turtle Tower prominent lake. The chess area with Hang Ma street is always bright lanterns, Hang Vai with bamboo strips to create unique shape or the old town will also be beautiful backdrops. 6. Yen Vien station Peaceful scenery with long train lines, this place is suitable for those who like fresh new, classic and a little personality. 7. Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam Autumn Quoc Tu Giam is a very special impression in the heart of Hanoians and visitors to visit. It is a golden leaf, green grass and old buildings from the Ly. This place is always the first choice of the guy, the student who wants to preserve the memories in the lecture.

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