Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The cafe "extreme quality" you should visit when coming to Da Lat

Dalat is a romantic destination and also an ideal place to enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the cold air of the mountain town.  
1. An Coffee Meal on the slope of the slope of February 3, with an area of ​​200m² An ​​coffee shop is an ideal stop for those who love nature and want to find a rustic rustic style of Dalat. 2. Me Linh Coffee Garden Named as the most beautiful coffee shop in Da Lat, Me Linh Coffee Garden is located at 20 Hamlet 4, Ta Nung Commune, Ho Chi Minh City. Dalat, which is popular with many tourists and not only thanks to the taste of mink coffee but also possess a unique vision in Da Lat. 3. Windmills Coffee Travel to Dalat at Windmills Coffee, you not only find a corner for yourself but also enjoy a cup of coffee with the best coffee selected in this country of coffee. Most of the shops in the system Windmills Coffee are decorated with impressive space, a romantic corner coffee with coffee space combined with flowers make customers feel calm, cozy. 4. Hoa Violet Coffee Book On Wednesday The place is beautiful with old villas, green lawn carpet open, flowering flowers full of paths, pine trees cheerful in the wind. Come here in the morning, you will be immersed in the natural scenery with flowers and many flowers, birds singing new days and green garden space. Not only that, here you are also listening to romance, the soldier André beautiful singer Jennie ... and nothing better with friends, love sip coffee cup enjoyment special flavor of coffee in the plateau. 5. Ghost Forest With an extremely romantic setting, Ma Rung Lu Quan is now a popular attraction in Dalat. Although it is a tourist area, it is also great for a dating coffee. Especially young couples love to explore the wild scenery. 6. Diem Xua coffee Also called "crazy" coffee. Call it that because this is where people burn themselves with music, shun life. 7. Afternoon Bow Hide the hill on the way to Palace 3 with a wooden signboard. Small, small space, the smaller the voice makes everything more pleasant Bicycle Up Visitors are lazy each other is super 3 - "super small, super strange, super unique". Architects built all details, angles, lines are making people surprised because of the unique

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