Friday, April 13, 2018

The delicious Hanoi visitors

If you have the opportunity to travel to Hanoi, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the delicious below. Enjoy the taste of the special gift Hanoi. Hanoi cuisine is rich and varied. If asked what to eat when traveling to Hanoi? Those who have experienced travel Hanoi will certainly not miss the following delicious dishes:

Beef noodle soup Going to Hanoi, visitors can not help but enjoy beef pho - famous dishes of Ha Thanh people. Pho Hanoi has the sweet nature of the bone, the aroma of meat has just ripe to remain flexible but not long. Pho in watercolor, soft and thin noodles. Only look at the bowl of pho is enough to see the sophisticated, carefully eat in the Hanoi.
Dry cow manure Dried beef stew is a delicious Hanoi has long since existed. Dried beef stews include chopped spinach, chives, dried beef and sprinkled with some peanuts. Depending on the various items that are added different materials, there are added to the fried liver, thin beef, dry beef thick pieces, with the goods added to the bird, there are added goods. some stomach pieces. Spicy, spicy, crispy, tough, .. you can eat one or two dumplings without fear or tummy tummy. West Lake shrimp cake
Ho Tay shrimp cake is a long-standing Hanoi specialty. Shrimp cakes should be enjoyed when it is hot because the cake is kept crispy, shrimp is not fishy. Enjoy the cake must necessarily accompany the sauce. It is the sum of all sour, sweet and spicy; add a little papaya made from papaya, sliced ​​carrot pickled vinegar, soothe the taste of a fried shrimp cake. Village cereal loops When traveling to Hanoi, visitors are smelled cool aroma of village Com attractive. Made from glutinous rice, the beautiful yellow flowers, wrapped in lotus leaf packages also emit no less attractive flavor has become the soul of Hanoi collectors, can not be missing every August sunshine dragging about.   Pots Chicken pots, dipping pots, frog hotpot, crab hotpot ... are hot pot dishes "níu legs" visitors. When traveling in Hanoi especially in the cold weather of autumn, you will feel the delicious taste and deliciousness of these delicious dishes. Hanoi rolls The book is a familiar and familiar pastime of Hanoians. The same is thin layer of rice flour, but each local rolls each other. Traveling to Hanoi, you will enjoy a variety of rolls with varied variations such as shrimps shrimp rolls, grilled rolls, chicken rolls, egg rolls ..

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