Friday, April 13, 2018

The delicious light breakfast easy to eat in Hanoi

In Hanoi there are countless delicious sticky rice for a long time, but the sticky rice below is considered by many to be delicious, strange mouth, sure, easy to eat.

1. Dislocated Dissolve is always a favorite breakfast, including summer days and cold days. Some villages along the Hanoi capital such as Phu Thuong, Tan Mai, Tuong Mai have a traditional sloppy job, bright morning to sell the streets, alleys for the people of Hanoi. In the sticky rice, the process of making sticky rice is quite demanding. Sticky rice must choose a long grain, uniformly, clean hotel, voit thoroughly, then soak the turmeric to dye gold, pick up rice to drain, salt scrape and then pour into the pudding. The green bean was selected to be tightly seeded, clean, crushed, soaked in water, cleaned the shell, put into the blister for nine and then poured into a smooth mortar, grasp the bean tightly into the balls The warm sticky rice, golden rice balls, fat, membrane smell, green beans yellow smooth, colorless wing cockroaches ruffled, the smell of fresh lotus leaves. Hot sticky sweet fragrant rice, glutinous rice, greasy onion, green beans. 2. Sticky mushrooms Dissolve mushrooms to eat breakfast is also delicious that make lunch or dinner in the afternoon are warm belly. Unlike porridge, sticky rice may need something more salty. That is why the owner added the meat dishes mushroom sticky. Bowl of mushroom flesh just came out to be attractive. Small bowl but full of passion three fire only roasted mushroom with mushroom strange mouth. When you enjoy this island, stir fry a little, and let the roast beef soaked, just to find out that there are many mushroom pieces hidden deep "hidden below". Eating mushroom sticky mushrooms, you will have the opportunity to compare and recognize sometimes the sweetness of the mushroom is no less than the pieces of meat, but in terms of mouth is certainly better. 3. Cake Sticky rice cake is a unique dish: sticky rice wrapped in a cake, vegetable leaves are kneaded with glutinous rice cake, green peas refined and soft meat with fat and lean rice cake. This is the aroma of the leaves, the pungent taste of the pepper, the plastic taste and smoothness of the sticky rice, the taste of the green beans in the mixture of green vegetables. Raw ingredients are sticky rice, green peas and pork halved half fat, vegetable green sticky rice young at the foot of the river, river. In Hanoi, chips are made popular and enjoyed all year round, but it is not until the season of vegetables in January or February, when the wet rain is wet, the new track is really attentive.

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