Sunday, April 15, 2018

The delicious, unique processed from armpit porcupine in Sapa

Grilled pork roasted with charcoal, boiled pork, steak roasted steak, bamboo steak ... are the dishes processed from armpit swabs.

1. Grilled pork thighs The thigh is the best and most reliable part of the pig, the skin is very thick so the baking will be very brittle. Pork spices are marinated and then turned on the flowers to ripen when eating small pieces of dots with spices are made sophisticatedly. 2. Boiled pork Boiled pork is very easy to eat special boiled boar boiled with soft, sweet dipping sauce with salt and lemon pepper delicious. This is an easy-to-cook dish, but it can be very lucrative for tourists because the raw materials are armpit pigs grazed in the spa area, so it tastes different from other types of pork. 3. Pork braised steak bamboo tube
The way to make a bamboo steak is simple, but with ingredients and spices in Sapa, the food is better than ever. Stewed pork chops are marinated with some spices stuffed in bamboo tubes and then baked. Enjoy this dish in addition to aromatic, delicious pork blends in the spicy aromas of the bamboo grill. We can say that this is the best food when enjoying Sapa cuisine. 4. Pork steak whole Wherever you are in Sapa, you will also enjoy the whole steak of arugula. Porcini braised pigs will be stuffed with mushrooms, onion rings, and spices on the belly. After finishing the dishes are a yellow color, fragrant, taste extremely attractive. 5. Stomach swelling of the armpit The combination of two kinds of Sapa specialties are armpits and fresh bamboo shoots. Sapa is a delicious dish that has both the aroma of bamboo shoot and the sweet taste of bones. The armpits are raised by Sapa ethnic people who have a good taste and no region if traveling sapa without enjoying this dish is one thing you will have to regret. Order the Sapa tour to enjoy delicious mountain cuisine.

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