Monday, April 16, 2018

The destination should not be overlooked when traveling Sapa

Sapa famous tourist spots, do you know? If you have not yet come to Sapa or have come to Sapa to experience it all, then plan a trip to Sapa interesting.

1. Mount Fansipan - Sapa tourist attraction attractive to travelers
Mount Fansipan is the most popular Sapa tourist destination while touring Sapa. Using the word "myth" may be too much, but the conquest of the roof of Indochina, standing on the altitude of more than 3143m breathe the thin air, bumps when the full enjoyment of victory ... is probably a cover. The experiment is not everyone has and sometimes is the dream of many people.
Referring to the Sapa - Fansipan tourist site, it is a reminder of the Indochina roof, or explore the hills themselves by a dusty tour of the villages of ethnic minorities. Mountain scenery with hundreds of flowers blooming, "Clouds hugging mountain, cloud mountain hug" will definitely make the heart of visitors when you arrive here.
Perhaps the most interesting trip to Sapa is still walking, sometimes you will walk tens of kilometers through one village to another village. This is a feature of Sapa tourism, and also one of the longest walking destinations in the world. Visit these villages not only through the suspension bridges, streams, terraced fields, watching the life of ethnic minorities ... but also can stay homestay with their families. You will be eating ethnic dishes, sleeping on stilts, chatting to understand more about the history and culture of ethnic minorities in the northwest. There are now six ethnic groups living here. It will certainly be an interesting experience of culture and - people, not just nature! See more Sapa tourist attractions here
2. The Cat Cat, Ta Phin, Ta Van, Lao Chai, Ho lake ... - is an indispensable tourist destination in Sapa tours.  

3. Ham Rong Mountain - Sapa Tourist Site

Ham Rong is located right in the center of the town, to get up here you have to buy tickets 70,000 VND / person. This is Sapa's most well-respected tourist destination, with a company dedicated to the "beauty" of the place. On the climbing, you encounter a lot of flowers, all kinds, full color. On Ham Rong Mountain there is also Heaven Gate, especially climbing to the top of the mountain, you can take pictures of the entire town and view the high peak Fansipan. On cloudy days, standing on this can see the scenery sank in the beautiful clouds.
3. Sapa ancient stone church - Sapa tourist site

The ancient stone church is a tourist attraction associated with the history of Sapa. Located in the heart of the town, built in 1895. This is an ancient works bearing the impression of French architecture intact in Sapa. This church has experienced many ups and downs, but standing still stands as a symbol. Almost everyone traveling to Sapa also takes pictures here, it is easy to find - it is a beautiful building. In addition to this work, there are ruins of a monastery in Ta Phin village, where the moss is full of mysterious beauty, this is also one of the interesting places in Sapa.
4. Silver Falls - Sapa tourist destination is very familiar

Silver Falls is 10km from the town center, located on the road to Tram Ton (you can ask people or motorbike taxi - very easy to find). On the way, you can see and hear Silver waterfall from distance, Silver waterfall is beautiful when viewed from above. However, the spring here is dry. At the foot of the Silver Falls, there is a salmon farm you can visit on the way.

5. That Tinh Love - Sapa tourist destination is very romantic

Love Waterfall is one of the most popular Sapa tourist sites. Entrance fee 30,000 VND, this is where the beginning of the road to conquer Fansipan peak. Just below, the 200m walk will reach the falls, the waterfall is about 40-50m high and stretches along the road more than 100m. It is said that couples who are in love will love each other more, and you do not love it ... everything is still.

6. Heaven Gate, O Quy Ho

Heaven Gate on top of O Quy Ho Pass is Sapa's favorite tourist destination, about 100 meters from Tram Ton, it is the highest point of the longest "Pass" in O Quy Ho - suitable for those who like to conquer. Passes in Vietnam. Standing here looking down is legendary mountain pass O Quy Ho direction to Lai Chau and one side west of the top Fansipan peak. There are two places close to each other called Heaven Gate.

7. Ancient rock

If you have the opportunity to tour Sapa, you should go to the ancient rock with more than 150 large boulders carved with patterns, cryptic shapes from a thousand years ago in the valley of Muong Hoa. Patterns and shapes remain on the great stone that encompasses the mystery of an ancient civilization.

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