Saturday, April 28, 2018

The dreaded 5-course Asian food is still "swirling" in the mouth

Asian cuisine is rich and unique in the world. But perhaps more people will have "eyes A, mouth O" when enjoying these fresh dishes. The fish, small shrimp dance in the pot or even the mouse is still alive ..., not processed but eat directly with spices. Despite the "scary" look but these dishes are considered special because the flavor is unforgettable.

  1. Thai Dancing Fish in Son La, Vietnam Vietnam is also on this list with a very unique and famous dishes of the Thai only in Son La. The small fish are alive, jumping in the pots are cooked directly by Thai people in Son La and brought to the mouth. Strange eating is so, but diners everywhere rub praise and admiration for a unique culinary background. When eaten, fish must be alive, processed and eaten at the table. The fish is taken directly from the pot, using a small knife to swallow the fish belly, squeeze the intestines out and drop quickly into the meal mix. When the fish must be quick to keep fish alive, release can also be broken. The slaughter to where it is eaten, so fresh crisp fresh meat, no smell fishy. Each diner uses a small spoon with fish and banana juice and sour water to mouth to enjoy. Fish selection criteria are extremely important, fish should be raised in natural ponds or caught at source, away from residential areas. The catch must be alive, drop into clean water pots and healthy swimming is satisfactory. This dish is processed quite simply but requires a full range of ingredients, including fresh banana seeds, herbs (smells, basil, dill, etc.), spices, salt, chilli and especially can not lack of sweeteners (special spices of the Thai). All must be chopped into a mixture of sour, spicy, intense and characteristic aroma. These ingredients are both created, both work to reduce the smell of fish jumping. 2. Dancing in Thailand "Goong Ten" is a native of Isan, northeastern Thailand. Goong Ten is made from small live shrimps, juggling with mixed spices. Spices used to mix this strange food usually have herbs and peppers. One of the special features of this dish is that after the shrimp is mixed with spices to enjoy immediately, when the live shrimp can feel the shrimp is dancing in the mouth like. The spice used for Gong Ten includes a little bit of sweetness, a lot of dried chilies, fish sauce and especially a little lemon juice, creating a taste that is both tart and peppery. So it does not cause boredom, but it is extremely attractive. In addition, the Thai dip is also attractive because it is used a lot of herbs such as coriander, scallion, scallion, onion, and chopped small scent to create a special aroma that makes it more steamed. lead over. According to the experience of those who try to eat, although this fresh dish is quite scary, but because the shrimp is very fresh, it tastes like melted in the mouth. Especially, the sweet taste of the shrimp mixed with the spicy, spicy, salty ... so very well eaten, not afraid of fear as many people think. 3. Live rat food in China   Considered to be one of the most horrible food in the world, live rat or San Zhi Er in China will make many people tremble even "cry out" when enjoying. But according to many people, eating this dish will help "kidney, kidney disease" and enhance physiology. The main ingredients of the dish are the newborn mice. These young mice were previously fed honey to make them sweet, then to stay raw on the plate. Apart from this main ingredient there are other spices such as herbs, but the decision is still a sauce specially prepared to dip the mouse before enjoying. With this special diet, the rat is also called the "three screams" by the Chinese. Because it is thought that when using the chopsticks to touch the mice to pick them up, they will panic and "scream" first. When dipped in sauce, they will "scream" the second. And the last "scream", expressing the extreme panic of the newly born mice is when they are placed in the mouth of the eaters. . After this scream, the mouse would not feel anything anymore, but the food is very satisfied with the sweetness of the dish. 4. Dancing Ink of Japan Japan is famous for its salty fish salad, but if you have the chance to see people eat this dancing ink can make you cry out. This dish, also called Odori-don, consists of a fresh cut head cuttlefish, presented on a bowl of salted eggplant rice and vegetables. When they are soaked in soy sauce, the tentacles of the squid begin to shrink, or in other words, "dance".   This is an interesting illustration of the chemical reaction between sodium in soy sauce and a good combination Fresh squid in the tentacles of squid. In Odori-don, the cuttlefish was cut off and the head was dead. But when pouring the soy sauce on the tentacles will create a kind of electrical impulse, creating convulsions as if the squid are still alive and "dancing."
This dish comes from the sushi restaurant Ikkatei Tabiji in Hokkaido, Japan. Hokkaido's most famous specialty is fresh squid. And with the attraction of Odori-don, this dish is gradually being replicated in many parts of Japan. 5. Octopus live in Korea Live octopus (also known as sannakji) is a popular Korean dish, served with sesame, sesame oil. This dish is rich in nutrients but not everyone dares to try when watching the sight of the live octopus waving in front of the eyes.   When eating, people will cut the fresh octopus and when enjoying, diners still feel the tentacles still in the mouth.   This live dish is supposed to help improve health but if not careful can be dangerous because the tentacles are firmly attached to the palate, easily choking. Although there have been some deaths from eating raw octopus, this is still a specialty that many Koreans enjoy.

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